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GeneralKnowledgeQuiz software apps

This is a cute app for children to learn about vegetables as a Quiz

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Double07 software apps

Just like in the movies, aim the viewfinder at your friends then take a shot and watch them go down James Bond style!

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STD software apps

Stare Truth or dare is a.ka. STD, is extended version of popular game Truth or Dare played worldwide.STD is widely played in India and Asian subcontinents.It is a multiplayer game,all players sit in a round and bottle is spinned in center.Turn goes to the player where bottle head lands.This app can ...

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REUTERS software apps

Developed by basselr
Business & Financial news, Breaking US & International News.

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StarCraft Trivia software apps
StarCraft Trivia

StarCraft Trivia and Quizs
Challenge friends and yourself!

Contains Trivia questions for both Starcraft 1 and 2 including Brood War.

Additional Quizzes comming within a few weeks with updated UI.

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Zakat Calculator software apps
Zakat Calculator

Developed by Baligh Rahman

A simple Application to calculate zakat on your Gold, Silver and Cash.The user just have to enter to total weight of gold and silver aur cash they have and it checks whether the Zakat is due or not. The user have to enter the current prices of Gold or Silver per...

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Norwegian Environmental Parks software apps
Norwegian Environmental Parks

This app provides details and map location of the Norwegian National Parks and Nature Centers. It is free-to-use, but no liability can be accepted for use.

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Starcraft 2 Counters software apps
Starcraft 2 Counters

Starcraft 2 Counters will increase your gaming ability by showing unit strengths and weaknesses of all races.

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Hijri Calendar software apps
Hijri Calendar

Developed by Baligh Rahman
The easiest and simplest application available on the market which tell the Hijri Date, more over the user may change the date in order to see the Hijri date on any Particular Gregorian date.

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Instant Rimshot software apps
Instant Rimshot

Just heard the worst joke ever? Want to emphasize it? Or just want to mock some of your friends? You came to the right place! The Instant Rimshot app offers just what you need, a giant red button to press when the time is right! Get that badoom tisssch out just when you need it. Instant fire by pinn...

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BMI Calculator software apps
BMI Calculator

Just give your height and weight and calculate your Bodymassindex. The color of the font describes how good your actual BMI is. This app it not for medical use.

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The World Counters software apps
The World Counters

You will see various world statistics updated in real time. Watch the world population grow, births and deaths, health-related statistics and more as they change. View by year, month, day or ‘now’. Each is also illustrated dynamically by animation. This app is both fascinating to watch as it is educ...

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