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Antenne Bayern software apps
Antenne Bayern

H?ren Sie ANTENNE BAYERN überall mobil & unterwegs!

ANTENNE BAYERN und weiteren Musikkan?len sind immer da: Von aktuellen Charts über Hit for Kids bis hin zu Oldies - das beste der 80er, 90er und von heute - Super Mix von A-Z - ist für jeden Geschmack etwas dabei.


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Paris Snow Globe software apps
Paris Snow Globe

See the Eiffel tower in a snow globe.

LG Spyder 2 840 entertainment windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
What serz software apps
What serz

This is basically a apps instead of search by can search anything through this application.It is simple and easy to search.

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Clock software apps

See the current time.

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English CleverTexting software apps
English CleverTexting

CleverTexting is a new way of typing on your phone which makes use of a prediction technology based on the statistical nature of languages and linguistics. It has some advantages, for example, the characters are large and easy to point and it might be of good use to certain people who lack experien...

LG Spyder 2 840 productivity windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
Hooikoorts software apps

Hooikoorts - Gives an indication of how favorable weather conditions are for patients with hay fever in The Netherlands .

Currently only available in the Dutch language.

Hooikoorts - Geeft een indicatie hoe gunstig de weersomstandigheden in Nederland voor een hooikoortspatient ...

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Honolulu Guide software apps
Honolulu Guide

Honolulu (/h?n??lu?lu?/) is the capital and the most populous city of the U.S. state of Hawaii. Honolulu is the southernmost major U.S. city. Although the name "Honolulu" refers to the urban area on the southeastern shore of the island of Oahu, the city and county government are consolidated as the ...

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Spanish CleverTexting software apps
Spanish CleverTexting

CleverTexting es una nueva manera de escribir mensajes en su teléfono celular, haciendo uso de una tecnología predictiva basada en la naturaleza estadística de los idiomas y lingüística. Tiene algunas ventajas, por ejemplo: los caracteres son mostrados grande y puede ser de buen uso para gente que n...

LG Spyder 2 840 productivity windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
BAC Calculator software apps
BAC Calculator

This application uses your weight and gender to roughly determine where your blood alcohol level is at any given time. Just press the add button when you take your first drink, and remember to keep pressing the button for any subsequent drink. If you accidently press it too many times, theres also a...

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Hong Kong Guide software apps
Hong Kong Guide

Hong Kong is one of two special administrative regions (SARs) of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), the other being Macau. A city-state situated on Chinas south coast, it is renowned for its expansive skyline and deep natural harbour. It has a population of more than 7 million people on an area of...

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HOMO Therapy software apps
HOMO Therapy

Homeo Therapy Relax with these amazingly relaxing sounds.
Choose to kick back with Ocean Waves, Thunderstorms, Jungle Birds,
and Many Many More. Mix and Match to make your own cacaphony
of Relaxation BLISS! All for Free! Sleep Better, Meditate Better,
Relax on the couch better...

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Daily Calories software apps
Daily Calories

This application uses your age, weight, height, gender, activity level and current weight loss/gain trend to calculate the calories you are consuming daily. Once this is calculated, you can choose your weight loss/gain goal and determine how many calories you should be consuming daily. This calcul...

LG Spyder 2 840 health fitness windows phone apps wp7 | 1024k

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