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Condoms Near Me software apps
Condoms Near Me

Condoms Near Me will help you find the closest condom reseller near you weather it is a vending machine or a pharmacy we are supporting the following country’s: United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, and Australia. Condoms Near Me geo localize you and find the nearest condoms reseller near y...

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Paris Toilettes Publiques software apps
Paris Toilettes Publiques

Con?u pour vous aider à trouver, dans Paris, les toilettes publiques les plus proches de votre position ou dune adresse.

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Success Quotes software apps
Success Quotes

Share the best success quotes collection by famous authors and experts with motivational and inspirational quotations on success, goals, achievement

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HTML 5 Reference software apps
HTML 5 Reference

If you are looking for a HTML 5 Reference that not only will provide you with a list of HTML 5 tags but will give you vivid description about every tag, then this app was made for you.
HTML Reference application is provided for web designers out there who are looking for a simple and complete H...

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PicturePalette software apps

Use the camera on your Windows Phone 7 device to quickly identify a color palette that matches a captured image. Perfect for web designers who know what they want when they see it.

Updated to use the camera directly.

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concrete maze software apps
concrete maze

concrete maze is a maze game that cosists of a concrete ball that needs to be directed by directing the phone in the direction. you want the concrete ball to go, such that it has to reach the end of the maze in order to complete. To score highest score you need to complete the game in the shortest t...

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Share Live Tiles software apps
Share Live Tiles

Share Live Tiles is a free app that lets you share small photos or drawings with anyone and everyone on Windows Phone using live tiles. Connect your live tile to a named image. The name of an image is called a tag. You can upload a photo from your phone, draw using a color brush or add text to a pho...

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Movie WishList software apps
Movie WishList

If you are like me, I usually see an awesome movie trailer/preview and then forget about it...missing it playing at the movie theatres. Never lose track of the movies you want to see, save them all in one place neatly and pain-free. You can also search for movies, see what is playing and even locate...

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Indian Recipes software apps
Indian Recipes

If you are fond of Indian food, now is the time to make it!
Cook delicious Indian food at home, learn making delicious curries, desserts, snacks, pickles, soups and many more.
The application contains hundreds of recipes categorized as follows:
1. Potato
2. Dal
3. Rice

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Starfield Screensaver software apps
Starfield Screensaver

If you are fan of “Starfield” screensaver from older versions of Windows, you can have your favorite screensaver on your phone too. Just start it and enjoy your favorite screensaver, for free and ads-free! Moreover, this screensaver is useful for developers who want to avoid screen lock during work....

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Weight Manager software apps
Weight Manager

This Apps lets you manage your weight easily

You can keep a record of your weight and BMI

You can set your goal weight that you want to achieve and then see your progress with it
It encourages you to achieve your desired weight by telling your how much weight you lost/gain...

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SOSAnywhere software apps

If you are either an everyday business traveller or an one time traveller outside your country this is the right application for you.

You wont have to worry about the local emergency phone numbers anymore.

From the time you landed and turn your phone on, you are able to call lo...

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