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Huawei U1280 free 000 mobile apps software download 2014
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LEO Dictionary software apps
LEO Dictionary

LEO Dictionary – Your mobile en route dictionary.

The LEO Dictionary App brings the translation service from the page on the Windows Phone.

You can benefit from the easy to use functionality of LEO Dictionary.


- Th...

Huawei U1280 communication windows phone apps wp7 | 1024k
ChildCare software apps

Developed by Zohaib Shakir
Child Care is for people who care for groups of young children.
When children work and play together in groups, this environment provides an opportunity for the spread of a number of common childhood diseases that can be passed on from one child to the next.It i...

Huawei U1280 health fitness windows phone apps wp7 | 1024k
TipCalculator software apps

TipCalculator is an intuitive and user-friendly application that calculates the desired percentage tip for a meal. Percentage can often be difficult to calculate and normal calculators make further calculations difficult if you dont have a pen and paper. TipCalculator automatically adds the tip to t...

Huawei U1280 lifestyle windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
Active Notes software apps
Active Notes

Active Notes steps into the breach, with a full multi-media friendly way of organizing your thoughts, media and even contacts. This means that when one of your contacts calls you, the notes (pictures, text, video etc.) can automatically be displayed. Although such a ‘rich’ tool isn’t going to synchr...

Huawei U1280 system tools S60 3rd apps | 699k
LazyTube software apps

Fully featured, beautifully designed, YouTube app. A must have if you watch YouTube videos on your Windows Phone 7.
Full feature list
- Live tile (updates on new subscription videos)
- Chameleon tile (adapts to phone theme when pinned)
- HD & HQ video streaming over 3G
- You...

Huawei U1280 multimedia windows phone apps wp7 | 580k
Intisari android software apps
Intisari android

Intisari magazine has been published since the 1960's and became the most popular magazine in Indonesia. Now bring the website and expanded t...

Huawei U1280 news magazines android apps | 939k
TokyoElectricityState software apps

(このアプリは日本向けです)TokyoElectricityState applications for viewing Tokyo Electri state. This application is for Japan.





Huawei U1280 social windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
Lensmate software apps

Lensmate is a contact lens management app for monitoring extended wear disposable contact lens usage.

Lensmate can operate in manual or auto mode.

Manual mode allows occasional contact lens wearers to easily record each use of their contacts.

Auto mode uses a backgr...

Huawei U1280 health fitness windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
Dreamworks software apps

Use this app to help you stay up to date with all the news coming from Dreamworks Animation! Whether it be just general news, press releases or even how the companies earnings are doing, you can find it in this app!

Huawei U1280 entertainment windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
Share Appointment software apps
Share Appointment

Want a quick, and easy way to share appointments and calendar events with your friends over texts, email, or social networks? Heres your answer!

Just choose from an upcoming event from you calendar, choose what details you want to include, and then send it off. Simple, easy, and quick. Lo...

Huawei U1280 productivity windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
Moskito software apps

Developed by Ziad Khazaka

The application emit a very unique high frequency sound (ultra sound) that the insects dislike. The pitch of the sound is so high that most humans will not notice anything.

Keep the application close to you and enjoy the outdoors without bites..

Huawei U1280 productivity windows phone apps wp7 | 2048k
Almanacka software apps

Swedish almanac for 2012. Automatically displays the current date. The program displays the week-number, weekday, date, month, name days, moon phases and flag days. It is possible to flip up and down to navigate forward and back in time. You can select the date by name (name day) or via a date picke...

Huawei U1280 productivity windows phone apps wp7 | 256k

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