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Shady SMS 2 0 android software apps
Shady SMS 2 0 android

Overview: The Famous Shady SMS (Social #11) is now available for download again. 2.0 is based on over 541 to date and is better than ever. Shady is the most powerful secret messaging application on Android and beats the pants off anything that can be made on Blackberry, or iPhone. Be secret, be hidd...

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Text Tracker 2 android software apps
Text Tracker 2 android

Overview: If you are looking for Text Tracker, you found it!!We updated our original app, but renamed it Text Tracker 2.Over 2000+ devices are running Text TrackerText Tracker will monitor incoming and outgoing text messages on your phone. It will forward a copy of all messages to your Google email ...

Tecno N3 system tools Android apps | 297k
WiFi Home android software apps
WiFi Home android

Overview: Save battery by automatically turning off WiFi when you are not at home.
Recent changes:
Minimum radius now is 500 m.
But be aware that a too small radius may be the reason for not switching WiFi on again.

This lean and easy to use App will toggle WiFi automatical...

Tecno N3 system tools Android apps | 73k
Raziel23x Universal Androot android software apps
Raziel23x Universal Androot android

Requirements: Android
Overview: Universal Android Root or Universal Androot is a android apps that lets you to root your android phone.

Modify records
Join the soft root widget, point down immediately root / unroot, to use the widget first successful implementation of the once ...

Tecno N3 system tools Android apps | 2386k
TasKiller Full v3.3.4 android software apps
TasKiller Full v3.3.4 android

Requirements: Android
Overview: Taskiller is a tool allowing you to close your android aplications with one click. Many programs continue to run in the background while we believe them closed. These programs cluttering up memory and slow your android.
update: location permission removed

Tecno N3 system tools Android apps | 506k
Smart Keyboard Pro android software apps
Smart Keyboard Pro android

Overview: Multitouch keyboard with multi-language support, skins, voice input, T9 and compact, Smart dictionary, custom Auto-Text, hard keyboard support, calibration, many appearance and prediction options.

Tecno N3 system tools Android apps | 1409k
Bier android software apps
Bier android

Overview:Die App für Bier-Genie?er, Bier-Kenner und Neugierige!Die App für Bier-Genie?er, Bier-Kenner und Neugierige!Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie stehen im Getrankemarkt vor einer Vielzahl Ihnen unbekannter Biersorten. Welches ist nun das richtige Bier für Ihre kommende Geburtstagsfeier ...

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Most It Paid android software apps
Most It Paid android

"Most it" is an abbreviation for “Mobile Post It”.
You can use in various ways like a post it, memo, diary, ToDoList, drawing tool, note… etc. with handwriting, text, drawing features.

Recent changes:
[1.4]update notice
1.SDcardto copy the move to modify
2.Text memo to...

Tecno N3 system tools Android apps | 508k
Screebl Get Your Screen On v2.2.0 android software apps
Screebl Get Your Screen On v2.2.0 android

Requirements: Android
Overview: Screebl is an innovative application that controls power saving features based on how you hold your phone.
Never have the screen turn off again while reading a long email, or looking at a picture. Keep the screen on (or off, it's up to you) during phone call...

Tecno N3 system tools Android apps | 205k
Call History Plus android software apps
Call History Plus android

Requirements: Android
Overview: Take command of your Android call log with the following functions:
Lookup the area code on numbers that are not saved in your phone book. Just long press on call to view the call details and the City and State the call originated from will be displayed. Thi...

Tecno N3 system tools Android apps | 196k
Battery Saver 2 Android software apps
Battery Saver 2 Android

Battery Saver 2 & Save Battery! is proud of being "EXTREMELY EASY" battery saver application/widget. Master your saving skills easily with Cool droid characters (Under Creative Commons 3.0, Google) becoming your battery doctor & for Free! This app helps users save battery life with various features ...

Tecno N3 system tools Android apps | 7987 k
Byte Experts Competer file manager Android software apps
Byte Experts Competer file manager Android

This is a file explorer or file manager, designed to feel similar to Computer from Windows 7 and My Computer from Windows XP. It has an Open With option for all files, which works similar with OpenWith option from Windows.
Network file sharing includes a SMB client (Samba) for Windows files sha...

Tecno N3 system tools Android apps | 2970 k

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