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Llama - Location Profiles android software apps
Llama - Location Profiles android

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Llama is a Location Aware Mobile Application.
Tired of your phone going off in the middle of the night? Annoying your colleagues by having your phone blast out your ringtone at work? You need Llama!

It uses phone masts to determine your locat...

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livelocker android software apps
livelocker android

Overview: simplicity, convenient, beautiful screen locker

1. makes your lock-screen more beautiful and more practical.
2. quick contacts, convenient dialing and messaging, allowing the operator easier.
3. fast street snap, ring pattern change, experience more humane.
4. app...

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Simply Lockscreen android software apps
Simply Lockscreen android

Overview: Simply Lockscreen is a lock screen replacement that's fast, functional and beautiful.
+ Simply Lockscreen v2.5.4
+ Simply Clean Theme
+ Honeycomb Theme

Simply Lockscreen is a lock screen replacement that's fast, functional and beautiful. It displays...

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Crazy Home android software apps
Crazy Home android

Overview: Home screen app with 3 separate desktops and up to 5 screens for each w/ themes.
Crazy Home Screen Replacement App!- 3 separate desktops, each with its own theme
- Easily switch desktops by swiping up/down
- Up to 5 screens each desktop
- Supports Crazy Home, ADW, aHome...

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upStream android software apps
upStream android

Requirements: Android
Overview: upStream is almost certainly the best Flickr upload client available for the Android platform. It allows the user to modify almost every aspect of a photo before it's sent to Flickr.

Version 1.6.1:
- Fixes Twitter-related crash

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AR Pro android software apps
AR Pro android

Overview: Augmented Reality Professional Controller Front-end for the Parrot AR.Drone ( ARDrone ) quadcopter flying computer. Features Full Motion control, object following and tracking, management of all AR.Drone configuration data, and the ability to use your phone's azimuth axis (compass) to cont...

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Signal Booster Android software apps
Signal Booster Android

Signal Booster
The first working #1 Signal Booster for Android.Are you tired of having weak signals and low internet speed in your area?Don't worry you have come to the right app.Signal Booster use's its proprietary technology for boosting your signals and give you better connectivity.From now ...

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Fancy Widget Pro android software apps
Fancy Widget Pro android

Overview: Clock and Weather Widget
- Clock with 12/24 hour format
- Weather forecast
- Celsius/fahrenheit temperature
- Geolocation for weather or search city by name/zipcode
- Configurable refresh interval
- Automatic sunset/sunrise time calculation
- Skin support...

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GCC GeoCache Calculator Android software apps
GCC GeoCache Calculator Android

The GeoCache Calculator is a comprehensive tool for every active cacher! It contains over 250 different functions to calculate values and checksums, as well as tables and overviews for supporting your outdoor geocaching search. A tool which no cacher should miss!
GCC was in many reviews, podcas...

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Ultra Keyboard v5.6.3 android software apps
Ultra Keyboard v5.6.3 android

Requirements: Android
Overview: Keyboard with custom theme/skin support, word tracing, camera mode, multiple languages, speech to text, compact keys, customizable settings, and more. A better way to type on Android devices!
Ultra Keyboard 5.6.3 (bug fix release).

- Fixed native ...

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Total Commander Android software apps
Total Commander Android

Overview: Total Commander for Android is a twin panel file manager
Main features:

Copy, Move whole subdirs
Inplace rename, create dirs
Delete (no recycle bin)
Zip and unzip, unrar
Properties dialog, change attributes
Built-in text editor
Search function ...

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Sony Xperia PLAY - Alarms Ringtones Wallpaper Pack android software apps
Sony Xperia PLAY - Alarms Ringtones Wallpaper Pack android

Overview: Collection of alarms, wallpaper, ringtones and more included on the Xperia PLAY.(21) Alarms
(48) Notification sounds
(71) Ringtones
(7) Wallpapers

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