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LG 840G free java j2me apps mobile apps software download 2014
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Scope software apps

Scope v.1.3.0
developer : Peter Kishalov

Oscilloscope application for your mobile that allows you to observe the sound waveforms in real-time. Signal self-correlation function is also available, visualizing the measurement of the signal frequency. The sound is captured fro...

LG 840G misc. Java J2ME apps | 37k
Papaya software apps

Papaya turns your phonebook into a fun and useful social network! It allows you to communicate with your friends cheaply and easily, no matter where you are. Using Papaya, you can play games with your friends, chat with them over IM, share pictures and other files, make cheap internation...

LG 840G entertainment Java J2ME apps | 112k
Notepad by A STAR software apps
Notepad by A STAR

The Application is used to:
1. liberate usual modules of PC.
2. Personal Diary Form.
3. Applications, etc.

LG 840G mobile office Java J2ME apps | 28k
yahoo software apps

LG 840G mobile office Java J2ME apps | 84k
Survival Dictionary 240x320 software apps
Survival Dictionary 240x320

A very good and authoratative dictionary for everybody especially for students and linguists who are interested in experiencing and learning a new language.
travelers,especially ,can take advantage of this handy dictionary and enjoy their stay in a country.This dictionary comes in different lan...

LG 840G education Java J2ME apps | 102k
ProPaint Mobile software apps
ProPaint Mobile

The graphic editor with the beautiful interface and the big possibilities. Allows both create the drawings, and to edit the existing. Also there is a possibility without leaving the appendix to receive photos from the chamber, to grasp shots from video, to collect animation from pictures...

LG 840G system tools Java J2ME apps | 175k
Torment software apps


LG 840G education Java J2ME apps | 236k
compass software apps

Locate true north using the sun or moon.

LG 840G entertainment Java J2ME apps | 22k
snapnsketch j2me s60v3 software apps
snapnsketch j2me s60v3

Drawing/painting program especially designed for your mobile.
Also supports snapping photos and make paintings on top of them.\n\n Snap&Sketch:
Make photos or paintings with Snap&Sketch.
Store the paintings/drawings/photos or send them as Email.
Post your photos and paintings d...

LG 840G entertainment Java J2ME apps touchscreen | 68k
uTweetMe software apps

uTweetMe is a free J2ME client application which allows posting updates to Twitter. For more information about Twitter please visit

LG 840G system tools Java J2ME apps | 62k
Blooover II software apps
Blooover II

LG 840G misc. Java J2ME apps | 43k
Translator software apps

for mobile java

LG 840G entertainment Java J2ME apps | 84k

Set model and apps class to fit software apps for your mobile.
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