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LG 840G free java j2me apps mobile apps software download 2014
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Glogger Live software apps
Glogger Live

Glogger is an open project which allowing you to continuously transmit live instant images/videos/audios/text from a camera-enabled cell phone. You can record and comment on live events taken from your own perspective in real-time. Your images and text are transmitted live to create a "c...

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bluetooth software apps


LG 840G entertainment Java J2ME apps | 111k
MoRange J2ME software apps
MoRange J2ME

Morange is a FREE mobile internet service community that enables you to stay in touch with your social networks on-the-go, view friend's update, shout outs and free live chat with them through MSN, googletalk and so on. Morange is the World First Only Application that allows you to chat with friends...

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Simone Messenger Over Bluetooth software apps
Simone Messenger Over Bluetooth

SMOB is a basic messenger between J2ME phones supporting Bluetooth.

The phones have to be close (to make a Bluetooth connection) and SMOB should be running. Use FIND to update the list of the near phones running SMOB. Use BEEPS ON/OFF to enable beeps receiving messages. Selec...

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IG FUN - Fart Attack Xtreme -Lite J2ME software apps
IG FUN - Fart Attack Xtreme -Lite J2ME

An overwhelming response from users to make it the most downloaded app, the annoying prankster application brings you the wackiest farts in its latest Extreme Edition. A new pack of fresh, smelly and wet farts, you will need to stump anyone, anytime, anywhere. What are you waiting for? Fire these de...

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MyNews ALL VERSIONS software apps

-a revolutionary new way to read and watch news

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Read-J2-ME J2ME software apps
Read-J2-ME J2ME

Read-J2-ME allows users to subscribe to news feeds using a Java Mobile (J2ME) enabled mobile phone. In more detail, the application allows the user to subscribe to news feeds, remove a subscribed feed and browse a subscribed feed. When browsing a feed, the user is able to search the news items by a ...

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Opera Mini  software apps
Opera Mini

Gives a wondering browsing experience.
try it

LG 840G multimedia Java J2ME apps | 300k
Yong Reader software apps
Yong Reader

Yong Reader is a text file viewer for mobi

1) Designed to read text content easily and quickly on mobile phone. Need only one Down key to read a whole book. Compared to other software, Yong Reader does not require any horizontal scrolling to read.
2) You can...

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Opera Mini Handler Mod software apps
Opera Mini Handler Mod

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mig33 software apps

Chat Rooms
Chat with anyone, anywhere, and in any language inside hundreds of thousands of mig33 chat rooms on your mobile. Best of all, our chat rooms are absolutely free! You can also join these chat rooms from our website too.

Instant Messaging
You can chat onli...

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Formula1 com Formula1 2010 software apps
Formula1 com Formula1 2010

The Application is the essential app for Formula One fans and streams real-time data direct from Formula One Management's Technical Facility at the race track. It displays the same information supplied to the teams from every session of the weekend, instantly putting you at the heart of...

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