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LG Optimus Elite free android apps mobile apps software download 2014
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Sketch Master (Free Painter) software apps
Sketch Master (Free Painter)

"Sketch Master is professional paint and drawing application designed for every android users. Sketch Master offers several types of sketching tools and simple user interface.
Use it to writing a note quickly or produce artwork.
? Two finger pan & zoom navigation with 3000%...

LG Optimus Elite communication Android apps | 1471k
Text Me - Free Texting - SMS android software apps
Text Me - Free Texting - SMS android

Free Texting (real SMS) to Any Phone number in US, Canada and 40 countries
Free Texting to any numbers in US, Canada and 40 countries in the World
Get a personal texting number and start sending free text and save on your texting plan !!
## TextMe, the famous iPhone App with more than...

LG Optimus Elite communication android apps | 4301k
B-Messenger Lite Video Chat software apps
B-Messenger Lite Video Chat

"B-Messenger allows you to make free phone calls and free video chats over 3G and Wi-Fi. You can call to any person who is connected to B-Messenger via iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, android device or even facebook. Save money when calling your friends abroad by inviting them to use B-Messenger.

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Frost Lite Private Browser software apps
Frost Lite Private Browser

"Frost is the best private tabbed web browser for Android, with a hidden, password protected image and bookmark stash as well as extensive privacy features.
With Frost, you can be confident that your privacy is protected.
We want to hear from you! If you feel you need to rate us below 5 st...

LG Optimus Elite communication Android apps | 709k
indoona software apps

Mobile communication goes social
Indoona is the first app to communicate and share your posts with the contacts in your phonebook
Communicate with indoona
With indoona you can call, video-call and send multimedia messages to other indoona users for free on the web (Wi-Fi...

LG Optimus Elite communication Android apps | 9274k
Anti SMS Spam & Private Box software apps
Anti SMS Spam & Private Box

Trekbuddy is a J2ME application to be used with a GPS receiver. It is designed to work with every Java-enabled device.
It features capabilities such as
GPS tracking and simple navigation
bitmap maps (without zoom, you can store bitmap maps with different resolution instea...

LG Optimus Elite communication Android apps | 1012k
Jumblo - Mobile SIP Calls android software apps
Jumblo - Mobile SIP Calls android

Jumblo lets you make cheap mobile VoIP SIP calls using your Android mobile phone. Save on your mobile phone costs easily: Install the free Jumblo Mobile VoIP app and start saving now by routing all your calls through our SIP dialer! All your calls from now on out will only cost a fraction of what yo...

LG Optimus Elite communication android apps | 3174k
Tiny Call Confirm software apps
Tiny Call Confirm

"Call Confirmation to prevent and avoid accidental outgoing and incoming phone calls.
? Outgoing phone Call Confirm dialog, and Incoming phone Call protection.
? Call Start and Call End notifier with beeps or vibration.
? Call Log with totals statistics.
? ...

LG Optimus Elite communication Android apps | 371k
Bluetooth Discoverable software apps
Bluetooth Discoverable

"The Bluetooth Discoverable widget allows android users to quickly change their device’s Bluetooth status. The widget recognizes the device’s Bluetooth status and, using color-coded icons, updates the user of any change in Bluetooth status. There are three modes: Bluetooth Off (gray icon), Bluetooth...

LG Optimus Elite communication Android apps | 29k
Doodle Message android software apps
Doodle Message android

Doodle Message lets you draw messages with your finger and then send them using your favorite messaging or email application. With the built-in color chooser there is no limit to the messages you can customize. Press menu on your phone to view all the options.

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phone finder android software apps
phone finder android

Find your phone when the ringer is off!
Optional authentication using FaceBook credentials.
Displays rotating/flashing graphics after screen timeout.
When you have lost your phone in the house and your ringer is off or on low volume, text the string (fetch it) or another str...

LG Optimus Elite communication android apps | 1229k
Espier Notifications software apps
Espier Notifications

Espier notifications plugin is a personalized status bar and notification management plugin, it is dedicated to Espier Launcher (v3.0 or later). Espier notifications plugin can help you to manage the notifications sent by apps to the status bar or the notification p...

LG Optimus Elite communication Android apps | 3582k

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