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Blackberry 9860 Torch free blackberry apps mobile apps software download 2014
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Data Monitor software apps
Data Monitor

What is Data Monitor?

With Data Monitor you can ensure that you don’t go over your plan limits. Set your billing data and usage limit, and you’ll have a number of options to help you stay below that 200 (or 150) MB threshold. You can then get notifications when you’ve reached your daily c...

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TaskReports software apps

Quickly grasp an overview of all tasks and categories on your BlackBerry Wireless Handheld.


* Key Features
* * On-device reporting of your tasks.
* * Analyzing of your task database.
* * Simplified reports give you a real overview.
* * Currentl...

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NetworkAcc software apps

Get the Top Rated, Best Selling, and Most Advanced Wireless Network Booster to Squeeze Peak Network Performance Out of Your BlackBerry!

* 2009 Championship Award - Best Phone Tool *

NetworkAcc is a powerful mobile network accelerator specially designed for smartphone and BlackB...

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UnDelete software apps

How many times have you woken up late and blamed your alarm clock? You discover that you’ve turned off the alarm while half asleep! This happens all too often because the snooze button turns itself off and we fall back to sleep.

puZZed is the next innovative application from qBOTron that ...

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BLight software apps

BLight? uses your Blackberry? device’s built-in high powered status LED to illuminate the area. Ever tried to use your phone to find your way across a room or your keys in your bag? BLight? is for you!
Save Your Battery

BLight? provides a bright beam of light while ...

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TellMe  software apps

Since I released the free applications (TellMeTheTime, TellMeTheDate, and TellMeTheWeather) combined they have had approximately 80,885 downloads. Anyhow, since I've released those, I've collected a team of beta testers and went to developing a more advanced version that combines those 3 free applic...

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Ultimate Lock software apps
Ultimate Lock

BlackBerry: 8900 (Curve), 8930 (Curve), 9500 (Storm), 9530/9530T (Storm), 9550/9520 (Storm2), 9630/9650 (Tour), 9700 (Bold)

Ultimate Lock is the pinnacle in locking apps for the BlackBerry with rich features and an unmatched attention to detail. Tired of pocket dialing and missed notific...

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Antair Header e-mail Standar Edition  software apps
Antair Header e-mail Standar Edition

Hei...guys, have yo ever, confused about your email inbox? do you can't see the datail incoming email header...

Antair Headers allows you to view the full e-mail headers of any e-mail message on your BlackBerry.After installing Antair Headers, a dedicated menu option labeled ''View E-Mail...

Blackberry 9860 Torch system tools Blackberry apps | 14k
One Touch Flashlight software apps
One Touch Flashlight

Unlike most flashlight apps, Flashlight employs BlackBerry? video light, NOT the dim, LED screen light, delivering more light more quickly.'
What makes JaredCo?s Flashlight better than the rest?

- the brightest light when and where you need it

- the original BlackBerry app...

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AutoLock Custom Edition  software apps
AutoLock Custom Edition

AutoLock Custom Edition from the Custom Series is the ONLY automatic screen locking utility that works with OS builds greater than!! AutoLock CE automatically locks the keyboard when the backlight goes off to prevent unwanted key presses. No configuration is required to use this utility, s...

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BBOCI install without BDM software apps
BBOCI install without BDM

This application help you to install all the application in .*JAD *.COD, *.ALX to your Blackberry by clicking on the .*JAD, .*COD, .*ALX. That means you JUST CLICK on the application files to install them to your Blackberry.

You don't have BIS or BES so you can't install applications dire...

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BlackBerry EXTRAFONTS  software apps

Application highlights :
- 100+ fonts to choose from.
- Fonts are organized by style, so it’s easy to find your favorite font.
- Preview fonts before installing.

When you install a font, you can set is as System Font.
Many third party and core applications (Twitt...

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Set model and apps class to fit software apps for your mobile.
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