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Blackberry 9860 Torch free blackberry apps mobile apps software download 2014
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InstaMapper All Device with GPS software apps
InstaMapper All Device with GPS

InstaMapper simple but powerful tool geolocalizzazionne, simply create an account on the manufacturer's website to be able to take full advantage of its potential.

Blackberry 9860 Torch travel navigation Blackberry apps | 33k
ShangMail BlackBerry 5 0ROM software apps
ShangMail BlackBerry 5 0ROM

For those, like me, who do not have BIS/BES but would like to have push mail on your blackberry. There is shangmail.
everything set up like your native email, but only imperfect point is when a new email comes in, you will only have the highlighted email symbol without the red asterisk on top.<...

Blackberry 9860 Torch system tools Blackberry apps | 164k
Photo Editor Suite  software apps
Photo Editor Suite

To resize the crop box either use the pinch functionality on your touch phones or use the track ball/pad. Move the box around with the track pad, press the track ball/pad once to select the area, increase or decrease the size of the selection using the track ball/pad. Press the track ball/pad again ...

Blackberry 9860 Torch multimedia Blackberry apps | 706k
WhatsApp software apps

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messaging app which allows you to exchange messages with your friends and contacts without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is cross platform and available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia (beta) and yes, those phones can all message each other! T...

Blackberry 9860 Torch system tools Blackberry apps | 857k
SliderLock software apps

After you install the application please make sure you set all your permissions to allow or the app may not work correctly.

As you probably know RIM's default lock is rather sluggish and boring. That's where BerrySlider comes into play.

Blackberry 9860 Torch system tools Blackberry apps | 616k
Isilo software apps

Silo? is a highly versatile document / ebook reader available on more platforms than any other reader. The supported platforms include Windows? Phone, iPhone/iPod touch, Android?, BlackBerry? Touch, BlackBerry?, Palm OS?, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Symbian S60 3rd Edition, Symbian Series ...

Blackberry 9860 Torch system tools Blackberry apps | 699k
Quicknotes software apps


QuickNotes offers the usability of storing notes quickly. QuickNotes adds a context note to your menu (Top or bottom is an option). When the note is clicked, it brings up the note to directly edit it. QuickNotes is packed full of features to make y...

Blackberry 9860 Torch system tools Blackberry apps | 73k
Condetsoft Kamus Lengkap English-Indonesian Dictionary software apps
Condetsoft Kamus Lengkap English-Indonesian Dictionary

The very popular easy to use and complete mobile dictionary. It supports English - Indonesian, Indonesian - English, regular and irregular verb features including infinitive, simple past, past participle and the meaning in Indonesian ( Indonesia ).

Blackberry 9860 Torch education Blackberry apps | 1821k
One Touch Flashlight software apps
One Touch Flashlight

Unlike most flashlight apps, Flashlight employs BlackBerry? video light, NOT the dim, LED screen light, delivering more light more quickly.'
What makes JaredCo?s Flashlight better than the rest?

- the brightest light when and where you need it

- the original BlackBerry app...

Blackberry 9860 Torch system tools Blackberry apps | 36k
Pocket 10C SE Scientific Calculator software apps
Pocket 10C SE Scientific Calculator

On BlackBerry Pearl Series, Pocket 10C SE utilizes a powerful on-screen menu system. You can access all the scientific functions very easily despite the limited number of keys on the phone.

On BlackBerry Tour/Bold/Curve or BlackBerry 8700/8800 Series, Pocket 10C SE utilizes the full keybo...

Blackberry 9860 Torch business Blackberry apps | 499k
Magic Icon software apps
Magic Icon

Overview: Every one wants to change some of the system icons or 3rd party applications and dont want to install a custom Theme? or you just want to change one icon on the Theme? Well you can with magicIcon.

Changing the application icon is simple. Just select the application from the list...

Blackberry 9860 Torch system tools Blackberry apps | 170k
ScreenX - Forest + Expansion Pack software apps
ScreenX - Forest + Expansion Pack

Featuring the sexy BerryGirl in a forest scene, is the first on many installments of ScreenX charging screensavers.

While your battery charges you'll get to see her begin to undress. If your battery is low when you start to charge you will see her in all her clothes, but then as your batt...

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