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Blackberry 9360 Curve free blackberry apps mobile apps software download 2014
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UniBrowse software apps

UniBrowse 1.0.0: One Icon To Access All Your Browsers

If you have more than one browser application installed on your BlackBerry smartphone then you probably know how tedious it can get when you have to use one or the other. For example, the main screen of my BlackBerry has the apps I us...

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DataBackup software apps

It is now very easy to backup the personal data on your BlackBerry? to the SD Card. An installed microSD card is required.

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Fast Scroll software apps
Fast Scroll

Fast Scroll enables users to use their BlackBerry's volume buttons to scroll thru email lists and other applications!

Fast Scroll augments Track Balls, Track Pads, and Touch-Screen scrolling improving both speed and precision, making you more productive with less effort.


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BerryRecord software apps

Here is the application BerryRecord from BerryWav

The app allows you to record everything YOU say into the phone during a call by simply pressing the blackberry button and selecting record voice note

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SuperLaunch software apps

SuperLaunch is the fast way to switch applications and communicate. It comes ready to use with a collection of useful application and web shortcuts. To add more simply press the menu key and choose an item from the menu. To close SuperLaunch press the RED, GREEN, or ESCAPE keys at any time. System m...

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iChargeCool software apps

Normally, if you want to see how a charge is coming along you have to walk over to the phone, click it, and read a tiny indicator.

Charge Cool instead. Now, when you're delaying going out waiting for the phone to charge up, and need to keep checking to see if it's charged enough yet, star...

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EZ Stopwatch software apps
EZ Stopwatch

Install this stopwatch on your blackberry device to come in handy in any situation you need a stopwatch.

Pause/Resum e.
Run in Background- Enable you to run other applications while the time is still counting.
Lap mode- add a new lap while the stopwatch is run...

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Voice Recorder software apps
Voice Recorder

Turn your BlackBerry into a dictaphone! Make voice recordings and e-mail them in MP3 format. Upload voice messages to the free online storage and post them to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger right
from the app.

Turn BlackBerry into a dictaphone! Make high quality voi...

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SmartBBattery software apps

* State of battery charge percentage in the application icon.
* Automatic update of the state of the battery.
* Three different icons depending on the state of the battery.
* Green (battery status of more than 80%).
* Yellow (battery status between 20% and 80%).
* Red (batte...

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UnRAR software apps

One of most popular archive types now supported on your BlackBerry? smartphone!

If you receive e-mail with RAR file in attachment or transfer RAR files from PC to your BlackBerry? smartphone, you can extract all or selected files using unRAR on-the-go.

Just open RAR file in a f...

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Screen Muncher software apps
Screen Muncher

Munch your BlackBerry? screen and capture it as an image to share or keep forever! Use it for everything you want to capture - Maps, BBMs, Photos, Facebook pages, Twitter Tweets, Calendars, Game High Scores and more! This funny, cute and useful app then saves your screen Munches - send them to frien...

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PB TaskManager  software apps
PB TaskManager

** New in 3.0.16: (1) allows you to kill certain "always-running" apps (e.g. BlackBerry Messenger) when you don't need them (2) view/delete invisible running apps, all apps, all modules (3) fixed reboot issue on OS6

Cell Phone is like a computer - when memory runs low, it slows down. At a...

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Set model and apps class to fit software apps for your mobile.
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