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Huawei M735 free 000 mobile apps software download 2014
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SimpleBMI software apps

Einfach eine simple App zum BMI berechnen.
Ohne viel Spielerei. Einfach Werte eintippen und berechnen lassen.

Huawei M735 health fitness windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
Flughafencodes software apps

Eine übersicht der IATA Flughafencodes

Huawei M735 travel navigation windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
My Next Pay Day software apps
My Next Pay Day

Money is important, we all know that. So why is it that so many people have trouble remembering when their next paycheck is coming? We’ve all done it, we draw a complete blank when trying to remember when we got our last check - we scratch our heads asking “did I get paid last week…or was it the w...

Huawei M735 entertainment windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
DnDNPCGenerator software apps

A quick NPC generator. It generates a simple character with a few traits.

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Money Fun software apps
Money Fun

Money Fun is a great application for kids and adults to learn more about money.

Hey, it makes the world go around right? As a learning opportunity or as a fun distraction for kids while on a road trip. Fun with Money is the fun of learning about & enjoying the artwork of banknotes ...

Huawei M735 entertainment windows phone apps wp7 | 12288k
Well known ports software apps
Well known ports

Eine Liste der Well known Ports (Ports bis 1024)

Huawei M735 productivity windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
TipCalc software apps

A quick and simple tip calculator! Just input your bill amount and the number of people youre splitting the bill with!

The app will save your tip percentage if you change it, or you can turn off this feature if you always want the 15% tip

Huawei M735 social windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
Bill Splitter software apps
Bill Splitter

A quick and efficient panorama app for splitting restaurant and other bills. If service is not included you are able to easily add it to a bill, by applying an additional percentage of your choice.
You can split bills or any receipt evenly or unevenly! Uneven splits allows you to set the numb...

Huawei M735 productivity windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
Money software apps

Money allows you to easily keep track of how much money you have without overloading you with too much information. Create an account, give it a starting balance and you’re ready to go. When you spend or deposit money into an account, just select the account, enter the amount and click + or -, it’s ...

Huawei M735 finance windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
Shopping List software apps
Shopping List

A quick and easy way to create shopping list and check of the items from the list as you shop. Also, keep track on # of items in your shopping list.

A must have for shoppers...

Huawei M735 productivity windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
Monalith software apps

Monalith is yet another browser for Windows Phone 7. It provides a simple and intuitive way to browse content from Currently, post article feature is not supported.

Attention: is a popular Japanese bulletin board site. Though UI in this application is in English, ...

Huawei M735 social windows phone apps wp7 | 2048k
Volleyball Statistik software apps
Volleyball Statistik

Eine kleine App die es erm?glicht eine Statistik für die Spieler auf dem Feld zu erstellen. Die App zeigt für jeden Spieler an, wie gut seine Annahmen, Angriffe und Aufschl?ge sind. Mit einem kurzen Blick auf die Statistik kann ein Trainer entscheiden ob er einen Spieler wechseln soll, oder nicht.

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