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SpyScan software apps

SpyScan is a Bluetooth devices scanner. You can scan devices with single Scan, with Autoscan (scan until you stop it) and with Alertscan (scan only devices saved in local DB and tagged with Alert on). Usefull to find friends in metro, disco or other places.

Features :

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SPB Wallet software apps
SPB Wallet

Version 1.5.2 (August 14, 2008):
* Firefox 3 support added
* Improved import from eWallet, SplashID, and CSV
* New setup: it is now XP-style and doesn't cause the "false positive" warning from Antiviral tools
* More devices are supported now:
o Samsung i780 and other 32...

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kaspersky anti virus software apps
kaspersky anti virus

Keep your mobile safe & protected with the latest antivirus in the mobile market which keeps your mobile secured from malware,antivirus,spyware,adware.

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Easy Defender public for s60v3 software apps
Easy Defender public for s60v3

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file hide software apps
file hide

file hide hides ur important files

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File hide software apps
File hide

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Airscanner Mobile Sniffer software apps
Airscanner Mobile Sniffer

Requirements: Windows Mobile device running Windows Mobile 2003SE, Windows Mobile 2005 or above with built-in WiFi.
Overview: Are you tired of dragging your laptop all over campus to audit your WLAN? Simply slip Airscanner Mobile Sniffer into your pocket, and you are ready to go. A...

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bluetooth hack software apps
bluetooth hack


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360 mobile phone antivirus Android software apps
360 mobile phone antivirus Android

360 Guardian Phone is a completely free mobile security software, set anti-spam, anti-harassment calls, anti-privacy leak, security scan on mobile phones, network cloud killing malicious software, software installation, real-time detection, network behavior of real-time monitoring, long distance IP ...

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AVG Anti-Virus Android software apps
AVG Anti-Virus Android


- Scan whole device and identify and remove viruses with a simple click
- Automatic scans can be run weekly, daily, or on demand
- Check apps for malware before downloading from app stores
- Check website conten...

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Best Crypto software apps
Best Crypto

Protect your private photos, voice and sound files, videos, confidential documents - just any kind of files on your smartphone!

Every smartphone user stores sensitive data on his device. It could be private photos, confidential voice notes, business documents, etc. You don't ...

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Pasword Protect BlackBerry Messenger software apps
Pasword Protect BlackBerry Messenger

Password protect access to BlackBerry Messenger without locking the entire device! Lock for BlackBerry Messenger app allows you to prevent unauthorized access to BlackBerry Messenger while leaving the device open for normal use like Phone, Internet, Games and Apps.

If you find it annoying...

LG 800G security Blackberry apps | 126k

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