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Universal Remote Control Phone software apps
Universal Remote Control Phone

URCPhone is an application which can be used to control a CARUSO based system. CARUSO is a system for home automation. Because it is under development, we can not give more information at this time. More information will be available as soon as possible.

Supported Device...

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ir remote control software apps
ir remote control

irRemote turns your phone into a universal remote control. irRemote allows to operate audio and video equipment using one device - Symbian operated smartphone with infrared port.

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USA Traffic Cameras android software apps
USA Traffic Cameras android

Overview: USA Traffic Cameras Android app allow you to watch Hundreds of live traffic cameras (live pics) geolocalizated in 48 cities of USA, search by street or select in the map and compose your own camera’s mosaic. USA Traffic Cameras android also App2SD Supported.

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FlipSilent software apps

Flip Over your phone to make it SILENT!

FlipSilent makes you use your nokia phone in a more natural way:
When you are in a meeting or dating, and a call is coming in, you can flipover your phone to make it go into the silent profile and hang up the phone call or mute the r...

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VideoVault android software apps
VideoVault android

Overview: Hide videos behind a password. People won't even know they exist.
VideoVault helps to hide videos behind a password protected wall, hiding them from people and applications on your phone.
Want to hide pictures, please check out PhotoVault. One of the best selling app in Android M...

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Rock Your Mobile Call Recorder Pro  software apps
Rock Your Mobile Call Recorder Pro

This useful application will let you record incoming and outgoing phone calls. CallRecorder can start recording automatically or ask whether to record a conversation or not - this will depend on the rules you set.
How to start:

1. First, you should turn CallRecorder on. To do this, p...

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Apk Share android software apps
Apk Share android

Apk Share is aimed at serving users of all Android devices (both Google approved and unapproved) and
we try to help the Android community in as many ways as possible.
With ApkShare you can find a lot of apps which are so interesting.

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Browser Plus software apps
Browser Plus

Browser Plus lets you experience web browsing as it should be! The browser that PCMag called “the best browser experience available on the phone…”. Use tabs just like you would on a desktop browser, use Google or Bing to search and use private browsing to hide your tracks

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WebGate Advanced Device Locks Pro software apps
WebGate Advanced Device Locks Pro

The bestselling utility tool Advanced Device Locks goes professional to provide you with the most comprehensive all-in-one mobile security package for your phone:

- Device and application locks
- Secure storage of files
- Remote lock, alarm and data wipe

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Bit-Side PanoMan software apps
Bit-Side PanoMan

Generating amazing 360° panoramas with your mobile phone has never been so fast and easy:

Just turn around with your smartphone and scan the scenery you want to capture. The fully automatic patent-...

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Nokia E Numbers software apps
Nokia E Numbers

Know better what ’s in your food! E Numbers widget features a handy list of all food additives, defined as substances added intentionally to foodstuffs to perform certain technological functions, such as to colour, to sweeten or to help preserve foods. Browse through the full list of food additives,...

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AppWorld for people who lives outside America software apps
AppWorld for people who lives outside America

1。Visit VIA your device browser better use hotspot browser
2。 the attachment is for 8900/96xx/9700 (5.0OS)
2。 download the attachment and install with DM or BBSAK;
3。 i have made a jad file but i haven't test on my device,can someone test it and re...

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