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Automan software apps

Here is *AutoMan* v1.1
Authors: _virtual machine_ & Dj_Irbis
Ported to Symbian 9 by smart4n
Ru-En translated:.~*nokstern*~.
-writing scripts;
-key press emulation;
-works with applications;
-works with files and folders;
-works with ...

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FromSMS software apps

FromSMS v1.03{Turn your S60 device into SMS interface for your web application}

FromSMS Client 1.03 released - significantly improved performance in low-quality networks.

When your web application needs to send and/or receive SMS messages cost-efficiently, FromSMS...

China F8 system tools S60 3rd apps | 112k
Android Battery Booster Full software apps
Android Battery Booster Full

This app helps to improve your battery life up to 30%-50%!Additional tips:To improve your phone's battery, you should kill running tasks, adjust screen brightness(volume), turn off wifi, gps, bluetooth, Auto-sync etc.

China F8 system tools Android apps | 101k
EasyCalcBasic software apps

A very simple calculator.
Enter a list of up to 10 numbers, add labels.

Comes with hyper-intelligence:
You can write *,x,/,div,divide,subtract,plus,minus,times,ta keaway, or pls,tms, will still get the same result.

Asc Dec Hex Chr ...

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VITO AudioNotes software apps
VITO AudioNotes

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Worldmate software apps

Worldmate for s60 3rd edition v7.0041 (updated)
The heart of the new version of worldmate is the new home screen or "Dashboard" that gives you some of the key info you need at a glance, including the current location,date,weather and status of your upcoming flight.

China F8 system tools S60 3rd apps | 2249k
SmartGET software apps

-- Injection of up to 5 files simultaneously;
-- Displaying detailed information on injection;
-- Dokachka files after cliffs;
-- Tracking Linking the clipboard;
-- Establish a list of links and its editing;
-- Customizable graphical interface;

China F8 system tools S60 3rd apps | 22k
MobiSafeFile software apps

MobiSafeFile is a powerful file encryption and privacy protection software running on Windows Mobile. It can encrypt\decrypt files\folders on your mobile. It has beautiful interface, easy to operate. It using international AES encryption algorithm to protect your privacy. MobiSafeFile is very small,...

China F8 system tools Windows mobile PPC apps Windows Mobile Smartphone apps | 333k
Joikusoft JoikuSpot Premium software apps
Joikusoft JoikuSpot Premium

JoikuSpot turns your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Connect your laptop and other devices to internet using your phone as a 3G modem. With JoikuSpot in your phone, you can say goodbye to any awkward USB dongle, MiFi, cable or Bluetooth connection you might have. Carry 3G internet in your pocket and sha...

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WiFi PPPoE android software apps
WiFi PPPoE android

Overview: This app is running on Android Platform. Its main purpose is for user to make PPPOE connection via WIFI, e.g. dialing through ADSL Modem with user name and password provided by some internet ISPs. This app makes the Android devices be able to connect to Internet directly via PPPOE dialing ...

China F8 system tools Android apps | 240k
Touch Commander software apps
Touch Commander

Touch Commander is a small software utility that provides fingertip control for Pocket PC phones for more efficient, natural touch screen navigation. Just like in latest most popular devices, Touch Commander lets you browse and scroll a Pocket PC phone interface, launch applications by r...

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Battery Manager software apps
Battery Manager

Battery Manager v1.5 by KloNom

As the name already says, "Battery Manager" is a program that manages your Battery. You want to save Battery Charge at the e.g. the last two remaining bars but you dont got the time to always look on your phone? Use Battery Manager! You can set ...

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