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BatteryMonitor  software apps

What BatteryMonitor does is it tracks battery usage over time. Using this tracked information, it can guess how much battery you lose per hour, how much time you have left, as well as illustrate your battery usage in a graph.

HP Veer system tools WebOS apps | 25k
JogStats  software apps

NEW: Route map, Facebook app support, Easier to see stats. JogStats is a full-featured GPS-based exercise tracker. Use your phones GPS to track you while jogging and analyze the stats when you are finished. Stats recorded include time, distance, speed, pace, calories and altitude, in US or Metric un...

HP Veer travel navigation WebOS apps | 927k
Internalz Pro  software apps
Internalz Pro

Internalz is the first, only, and best file manager for the webOS.

It's feature-packed and includes full device browsing, file/directory moving and copying, easy deletions with optional swipe-to-delete feature, simple renaming, built-in image viewer, built-in text editor, built-in ipk ins...

HP Veer system tools WebOS apps | 332k
PhakePhoney  software apps

This is an app for your small children (and LOCKS THE APP)! Need an extra few minutes to get out the door? This fake phone app may be perfect for keeping your child's attention for those few crucial minutes. This small app is loaded with features! Each number pressed will speak and spell the number....

HP Veer education WebOS apps | 4680k
Universe Web Browser software apps
Universe Web Browser

The Universe Web Browser is your premier open source web browser for the HP webOS platform. It provides a simple yet feature rich browsing experience. Some of the included features are: Open card search Download manager Bookmark folders Voogle integration Twitter and Read It Later integration ...

HP Veer system tools WebOS apps | 1350k
Carbon  software apps

Carbon is a multi-panel Twitter client. Simple, feature rich, and unique. -Power Scroll -Conversation view(Gmail style) for Messages -Multi-card/Multi-account -Personal support -Image/Video Upload -Hash Card -Compose Card -Instapaper & Read It Later Support -Translation -And so much more to c...

HP Veer entertainment WebOS apps | 1898k
Amigo Music Player  software apps
Amigo Music Player

Overview: Amigo - Simple | Smart | Friendly Compatible with the new HP Veer!

New in version 2.1.2: - fixed control playback with keyboard Amigo is a replacement for Palm Pre/Pixi 'Music' application The trial version only plays 66% of each song, to remove this limitation please purchase t...

HP Veer multimedia WebOS apps | 460k
PhotoDialer  software apps

The most downloaded dialer for webOS just got better. PhotoDialer is the simplest way to call the people you talk with the most, just by tapping their picture. With PhotoDialer, you can dial your favorite numbers quickly, without sliding open the Prea€?s keyboard to hunt through your contacts. Allow...

HP Veer system tools WebOS apps | 223k
Grooveshark  software apps

Music to your ears. You've got that fancy data plan. We've got thousands of gigs of music. This is a match made in rock 'n roll heaven. Soundtrack your life with Grooveshark Mobile. Pick and play any song. Take your Grooveshark playlists in the car, to the office, or DJ your friend's birthday bash. ...

HP Veer multimedia WebOS apps | 603k
XBMC Remote  software apps
XBMC Remote

Control XBMC from your WebOS phone
XBMC Remote for WebOS is a fully featured XBMC client with the following features:

* Library-based listing and playback of Music, TV Shows, and Movies on your media center
* Start a slideshow of your pictures, and quickly flip through them

HP Veer PC related WebOS apps | 923k
IM+ for webOS  software apps
IM+ for webOS

IM+ is an award-winning multiclient messenger. With IM+ you easily stay in touch with parents and children, have fun with your friends and make business deals with your partners! All public IM services in one client! No cost per message.

HP Veer entertainment WebOS apps | 105k
NewsG  software apps

Daily headlines from Google News. Simple yet elegant.

HP Veer entertainment WebOS apps | 82k

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