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NewsG  software apps

Daily headlines from Google News. Simple yet elegant.

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Infopedia  software apps

Dead simple user interface takes you straight to the core functionality * Search for anything in Wikipedia... Infopedia will quickly parse the text and image into phone optimized format * News button shows the latest Wikipedia headlines * Random button delivers you to a random article for a fun way ...

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SMS MMS Email Emoticons software apps
SMS MMS Email Emoticons

This is the first full WYSIWYG Rich Text Email Editor app for Palm Pre and Pixi.
* Total package has over 3000 images.
* New version allows you send SMS/MMS any image you found inside the app.
* App will let you create and save your own SMS/MMS/Email templates
* Ne...

HP Veer mobile office WebOS apps | 8966k
Orb  software apps

This allows you to stream all media and documents off your home PC directly to your palm pre; you can also download them directly to your pre. Their is also a HUGE selection of internet TV (approx 1000 channels) and a massive selection of flash games (approx 300; which won't work until we get the fl...

HP Veer PC related WebOS apps | 1389k
Beautiful and Sexy Girls Plus  software apps
Beautiful and Sexy Girls Plus

A Gallery of Beautiful Girls with many categories such as cheerleaders. High quality content with 960x480 resolution pictures.

HP Veer entertainment WebOS apps | 3790k
Poster for Wordpress  software apps
Poster for Wordpress

Poster - the application you need if you want to edit your posts, pages and comments on a Wordpress blog! With the support of both and self-hosted Wordpress installations (version 2.9 and 3.0) you can edit your posts and pages using a rich editor that preserves any pre-existing HTML fo...

HP Veer mobile office WebOS apps | 95k
Palms Mobile Hotspot  software apps
Palms Mobile Hotspot

This App makes your Pre for mobile hotspot. Connect your laptop wherever you are familiar with the Internet.
*Edit your network name
*Manage the connected devices
*Running in the background

HP Veer system tools WebOS apps | 157k
Forums Tapatalk Powered software apps
Forums Tapatalk Powered

With over 14,000 compatible forums right now (growing daily) you can enjoy a a fast & optimized view of your favourite communities with a seamless mobile experience, and enjoy multiple communities at the same time with the unique webOS multitasking. Your favourite communities aren’t compatible? don’...

HP Veer mobile office WebOS apps | 585k
Video Flood HD Touchpad  software apps
Video Flood HD Touchpad

Thanks to the high number of downloads a $1.99 for good. Wi-Fi connection required. Users can now also view almost 200 full movies. Whether you are looking for video podcasts, TV shows or movies, Video Flood HD has you covered. View full episodes of your favorite TV shows such as The Daily Show and ...

HP Veer multimedia WebOS apps | 2338k
Google Account Search  software apps
Google Account Search

Search in calendar and contacts (most fields). See an Agenda of upcoming events. Dial, send SMS or Email directly from the results list. If you sync your Palm Pre or Pixi with Google, then this App provides all these features for you. Additional features: Tap on a found event or contact to go to the...

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USB Mode Switch software apps
USB Mode Switch

This simple app will create an icon in your launcher. Just tap the icon to start up USB mode.

HP Veer system tools WebOS apps | 80k
NewsRoom  software apps

NewsRoom lets you keep up with all the latest news, right from your phone. With its dynamic interface and exclusive back end, NewsRoom is the fastest and most intuitive way to stay in touch while on the go. Instantly follow your favorite news, gadget, gossip, sports and fan sites, even when you don'...

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