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KIDS Learning Games Alphabet android software apps
KIDS Learning Games Alphabet android

KIDS Opedia is an engaging & addictive app built for children to entertain, educate, and help them learn. As the name suggests it is a complete encyclopedia for kids.
It is designed such that it engages and entertain the Kids using various multimedia elements such as sound, text, images, animat...

Dell XCD35 education android apps | 9728k
JLPT Words android software apps
JLPT Words android

JLPT Words is a helpful tool to learn Japanese and prepare for a JLPT exam by studying JLPT vocabulary. It contains a dictionary of words required for the exam that can be searched on using kanji, kana (hiragana/katakana), or romaji. You can filter the dictionary by JLPT levels and each word is colo...

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Happy trains for Young kids android software apps
Happy trains for Young kids android

Intellectual education app for young kids.Qualifying age : 6 years old and under
Let's play with the trains! (for Young kids)
Let's play with the trains! is an intellectual education app for young kids (Qualifying age : 6 years old and under).
Only your kids have to do is just tap and...

Dell XCD35 education android apps | 1843k
SPB Spanish Cards android software apps
SPB Spanish Cards android

Overview: SPB Spanish Cards - Learn by Heart!

Traditional flash cards for learning Spanish language enhanced with smartphone technologies like photos, native speakers' dubbing, learning progress visualization, smart adaptive algorithm, and detailed statistics. The program helps you to ski...

Dell XCD35 education Android apps | 12892k
Physics Wizard android software apps
Physics Wizard android

Ace any physics course with Physics Wizard!
Physics Wizard is a vital tool for any high school, AP, or introductory college level physics course. Physics Wizard has all variables, symbols, constants, and equations for mechanics, divided into the following categories: kinematics; work, energy, a...

Dell XCD35 education android apps | 1331k
Algebra Cheat Sheet android software apps
Algebra Cheat Sheet android

Algebra Cheat Sheet provides you with the quick reference of formulas in Algebra.
Topics include:
1. Basic Properties and Facts (includes properties of radicals, exponents, logarithms etc.,
2. Factoring and Solving equations
3. Methods of solving Linear Equations, Quadratic Equat...

Dell XCD35 education android apps | 396k
Bathroom Reader android software apps
Bathroom Reader android

Bathroom Reader is a fantastic way to enlighten yourself during your idle time. Choose from 8 categories for a random Wikipedia article on the subject. 1000s of link programmed in and more added weekly.


Dell XCD35 education Android apps | 94k
iStoryBooks android software apps
iStoryBooks android

Option to save all media in SD Card. Tap MENU while in myLibrary to use this feature.
Free Interactive Childrens Boo...

Dell XCD35 education android apps | 1024k
Important Lessons android software apps
Important Lessons android

A valuable work comprising of 18 lessons every Muslim should be aware of
An immensely valuable work by the great scholar shaykh Abdul Azeez Ibn Baz comprising of 18 important lessons every Muslim should be aware of:
The First Lesson - Memorise the Small Chapters of the Quran
The Secon...

Dell XCD35 education android apps | 220k
The Art of Lying android software apps
The Art of Lying android

Updating again, taking in consideration the observation of a user against our spelling. Sorry about that we punished ourselves with 1 week without xbox :( Hope we got them all.
The Art of Lying is the first app created by Insanity Systems. It teaches uses the art of deciphering lies. The app wi...

Dell XCD35 education android apps | 750k
Psychology Facts android software apps
Psychology Facts android

Did you know that “women are twice as talkative as men? It has been estimated that on average, men speak 12,500 words and women speak about 25,000 words in a day.” or that “Ablutophobia is the persistent, abnormal and unwarranted fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning?” Learn hundreds of interestin...

Dell XCD35 education android apps | 212k
Kids Happy Learn android software apps
Kids Happy Learn android

Kids Happy Learn Lite, A more Classification kids learning game! Content will soon increase!
A fun way for kids to learn Object/Animal/Food/Color/Number and build basic read skills.
It is spoken in kid-friendly English.
Your child will love playing Kids Happy Learn Lite, and you'll be...

Dell XCD35 education android apps | 21504k

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