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DU Meter android software apps
DU Meter android

DU Meter for Android is a network traffic monitor for your mobile phone. If your cellular data plan has a monthly limit, DU Meter can alert you when this limit is reached, so you can avoid costly charges.

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Good Night android software apps
Good Night android

GoodNight is a tool that will exactly allow you to sleep well without worrying about changing your phone settings.
One step to arrange your sleep time at night, avoid unwelcome calls while you are sleeping, save your battery power.

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Fring software apps

fring is a mobile internet service & community that enables you to access & interact with your social networks on-the-go, make free calls and live chat with all your fring, Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM friends using your handset's internet ...

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Data Quota software apps
Data Quota

● Simply shows how much of your packet data quota you've used so far this month.

● If you have a pre-determined quota from your operator of how much packet data you can use in a month, it's a pain to first find the Logs application, open the packet data counter, then try and work out how ...

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Hellscore Kernel Manager Android software apps
Hellscore Kernel Manager Android

This is a 100% free app dedicated to control all hellscore kernel features for the nexus 4.
Available features:
> CPU Governor
> CPU Governor Tweaks
> CPU Max / Min Frequency
> Max / Min number of cores online
> Number of cores boosted on touch
> S...

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Diamond Hologram software apps
Diamond Hologram

VR Hologram very similar to the wii Head Tracking VR demo made famous on youtube.

Uses G-Sensor to track tilt and update the VR Hologram view accordingly. 3D Hologram created using Managed Direct 3D Mobile (MD3DM). Found it easier to learn than the Managered wrapper for Openg...

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FreeTimeBox software apps

FreeTimeBox is a application for time displaying and time synchronization. As a evolution of FreeTimeSync, FreeTimeBox has all the functions of FreeTimeSync and fixes the bugs of it. It also can display time as the 3rd FP2 system.

Version v1.06:
1. Fix the bug...

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Chronos software apps

1. Unlimited number of highly customizable alarms:
* Alarms can be set to signal only on certain days of the week;
* alarms can be one-time or repetitive;
* alarm can notify you by playing sounds, turning on/off vibration, blinking the LED;
* WAV, OGG, WMA and MP3 alarm files...

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DeskCountDown software apps

DeskCountdown was designed to be a simple little program that sits on your Desktop and counts down to an important date.
DeskCountdown can set a date for an oncoming event, calc how many days to left and it can show on the desktop.

New in For 5th version 1.2.2-New text dis...

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Riaysofts Phone Call Recorder  software apps
Riaysofts Phone Call Recorder

Overview: Record and organize every incoming or outgoing call
This Application records your phone calls automatically. It automatically detects when you are on an incoming or outgoing call and then records the conversation to the folder you specify. It saves the call to a special subfolder as a...

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OS Remind Me software apps
OS Remind Me

oldSAP is back again with a great application called OS Remind Me which reminds you of Unread SMS or Missed Call Notifications.

You can set the alert interval to 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes.

The reminder tone can be changed by copying...

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Droid Attendant android software apps
Droid Attendant android

Requirements: Android Device
Operating System: Android OS
Overview: This auto responder app allows you autoreply via sms to any incoming calls or sms during a specified time range that you schedule.
This auto responder app allows you autoreply via sms to any incoming calls or sms duri...

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