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EZ Her Calendar  software apps
EZ Her Calendar

No more counting days on a calendar to get to know when your next menstrual period will come. EZ Her Calendar is to help ladies calculate and remind of their future monthly cycles including menstruation, fertility and ovulation periods. With EZ Her Calendar, you will easily know the date of your nex...

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QxMD Gastroenterology software apps
QxMD Gastroenterology

QxMD Gastroenterology Calculators
Does your patient require admission and possible intervention for their upper GI bleeding (Blatchford score)?

Determine the risk of rebleeding & dying from upper GI bleeding using the Rockall score and Forrest Classification

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HelioStat software apps

HelioStat, a program for the BlackBerry? Smartphone, allows you to determine the time and location of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and lunar phase on your BlackBerry for any date and location you specify.

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puZZed software apps

How many times have you woken up late and blamed your alarm clock? You discover that you’ve turned off the alarm while half asleep! This happens all too often because the snooze button turns itself off and we fall back to sleep.puZZed is the next innovative application from qBOTron that is meant to ...

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Bible plus software apps
Bible plus

Bible Plus for Blackberry is a bible reader application for reading Palm PDB file compatible with PalmBible+.

* Multiple bible version (bible files can be stored in media card)
* Bookmarks, history
* Fast search function
* Copy/paste
* Annotation/persona...

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EZ Exercise Tracker  software apps
EZ Exercise Tracker

Studies have shown that the key to staying in shape isn't just what you eat. You have to exercise 3 or more times a week for at least a half hour.

Exercise Tracker provides you with a large database of exercise types for you to know how many calories you burn after exercise. It also allow...

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Emergency Information software apps
Emergency Information

Emergencies may happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Give medics and rescue personnel all your information they need, it may save your life.
Emergency Information app helps you store your personal and critical information in your BlackBerry? device

In case of emergency, physicians, p...

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Roco alarm software apps
Roco alarm

The alarm clock software provides a wealth of custom features, according to my experience, about the characteristics of the software:1. Multi-alarm can be set up to some unknown2. To enable or disable any or all of the default alarm3. Rich reminder mode, ring tones, vibration, led flashing, each has...

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My Secret Diary software apps
My Secret Diary

My Secret Diary is a great tool for you to store your secret diary entries.
It's very simple and you can store up to 25 thousand diary entries in a password-protected place!

Important Note: If you have the Storm, please purchase "My Secret Diary - Storm Edition" instead. Thank you.

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For Women Only Kickberry software apps
For Women Only Kickberry

Kickberry: A Pregnancy Kick Counter for BlackBerry

Are you pregnant? Keep tabs on your baby's health by easily tracking it's movements with this Blackberry app.

Count your Baby's Movements
Every time you feel your baby kick, click any key to increase the count. KickBerry k...

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EZ Fitness Calculator  software apps
EZ Fitness Calculator

Checking your body fitness status frequently can help you stay in good health. EZ Fitness Calculator includes the most useful and accurate formulas to generate the results of your body fitness status. With EZ Fitness Calculator, you are able to know your body fitness status whenever and wherever.

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Shalat Guide Pro software apps
Shalat Guide Pro

A complete guideline for salat (shalat prayers) as taught by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the friends of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the tabi'eens, and the pious predecessors.
It is a very good guideline for Muslim men, women, and children, in conducting proper shalat prayer everyday, be it the mandat...

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