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HomeCalendar software apps

HomeCalendar give you a new Calendar icon with exact date on it, like iPhone and Torch. And when you move the focus over, you can see the next appointment on homescreen, without entering Calendar app.

HomeCalendar is easy to use, just install and move it to homescreen. Then you can check ...

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ing Keyboard Pro for Touch-Screen BlackBerry software apps
ing Keyboard Pro for Touch-Screen BlackBerry

Where there is Storm, there is lightning. Lightning Keyboard - makes a perfect Storm!

BlackBerry Storm (Storm2) is great. If there is anything to complain, it is the built-in keyboard. Lightning Keyboard fundamentally changes the way you type on touch-screen BlackBerry - easy and producti...

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Blurts Pro software apps
Blurts Pro

Blurts is a desktop app and a BlackBerry app talk via Bluetooth to display caller ID info and email alerts.

With the Bluetooth auto connect feature, don't worry about missing an alert because you forgot to connect your phone to your PC.

No cables to tether your device! You have...

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UnDelete software apps

How many times have you woken up late and blamed your alarm clock? You discover that you’ve turned off the alarm while half asleep! This happens all too often because the snooze button turns itself off and we fall back to sleep.

puZZed is the next innovative application from qBOTron that ...

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e-office Flashlight  software apps
e-office Flashlight

Where is your flashlight when you need one? In your BlackBerry? smartphone!

e-office mobile, the award winning Dutch mobile apps specialist, created a small free application for your convenience.

For best illumination and battery performance we use the camera LED.


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StormCompass for the Storm software apps
StormCompass for the Storm

This wonderful fully-featured compass is the next step up from our popular Compass Lite. Compass uses the built-in GPS in the device to show your heading, speed, latitude and longitude and where North is in relation to your heading on a variety of stunning backgrounds. To establish a heading, you MU...

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BerrySlider software apps

After you install the application please make sure you set all your permissions to allow or the app may not work correctly.

If you're running the new 5.0 version the Options are now inside the application itself. While the app is running simply click the menu key and select Options.

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