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Spice QT-56 free java j2me mobile apps software download
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FPC Bench software apps
FPC Bench

FPC Bench is a java benchmark to test and compare the performance of a phone with others phones. Differently from other benchmarks, FPC Bench results are not influenced from the screen resolution; this is a good way to get more reliable results.
FPC Bench is a complete test tool to test ...

Spice QT-56 system tools Java J2ME apps | 451k
bagcal software apps

for mobile java

Spice QT-56 entertainment Java J2ME apps | 74k
IQ Online Buddy software apps
IQ Online Buddy

IQ Online Buddy – Are you suspecting that one of your friends is hiding from you on Yahoo Messenger? Use this small mobile application to check if your buddy is online for everybody except you. Just enter his Yahoo Messenger id (nickname) in the text box and press the Check button and you will find ...

Spice QT-56 misc. Java J2ME apps | 31k
Murphys Law software apps
Murphys Law

The famous Murphy’s Law got its name after Capt. Edward A. Murphy, an engineer working on Air Force Project MX981, a project designed to see how much sudden deceleration a person can stand in a crash. One day, after a failed test, Capt. Murphy blamed the failure on his assistant and said, "If t...

Spice QT-56 misc. Java J2ME apps | 443k
KVKEnTr software apps

Spice QT-56 misc. Java J2ME apps | 59k
Locify software apps

Locify can explore interesting places near you from Wikipedia, seek for geocaches, display map where you are (or you want to go), twitter your location, save interesting places from phone or web sync them and even navigate to them... and much more.

Locify is free application ...

Spice QT-56 travel navigation Java J2ME apps | 528k
liteftp software apps

Spice QT-56 system tools Java J2ME apps | 249k
Lampiro software apps

Lampiro brings on your mobile phone the power of XMPP and GTalk, letting you connect and chat with your friends everywhere. Jabber is becoming a de facto standard in Instant Messaging (IM) with thousands of servers all around the world and by the increasing number of supporters like Gtalk. With the ...

Spice QT-56 misc. Java J2ME apps | 191k
MtvIRC software apps

With this version I have further improved the speed and features but not compromised on my first objective, that was to create an IRC App with less lag then those IRC chat Apps with too many features that are never used. Now on a NEW SERVER allowing people from all over the world to chat on an inter...

Spice QT-56 entertainment Java J2ME apps | 39k
jibjib software apps

jibjib is another open source J2ME Twitter client designed for all twitter-ers on the road. One hand controls the wheel and another hand tweets along the road.

Here are some key features of "jibjib":
· Small size
· Reply button to add @reply automatically
· Small ban...

Spice QT-56 entertainment Java J2ME apps | 58k
Nextwave Express software apps
Nextwave Express

Express(the proximity communicator) We found a new use for mobile device. Using Text,audio and Emoticons, we made them into a Proximity Communicator. Let your imagination run wild with what you can do with it. A great way to communicate in a distance of 5 to 20 feet

Spice QT-56 entertainment Java J2ME apps | 2842k
docomo ucweb software apps
docomo ucweb

doco ucweb.

Spice QT-56 mobile office Java J2ME apps | 470k

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