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File Expert android software apps
File Expert android

Overview: Powerful & Leading File Manager for Android - We have millions of users worldwide and still fast growing! Come and join us today!
Best & Leading Android file manager of all time with enhanced WIFI sharing and management, root explorer and Bluetooth support! More than 6 millions of use...

Pantech Breeze II P2000 system tools Android apps | 1786k
Twitter Official software apps
Twitter Official

Features at launch:
? Push Notifications for Direct Messages
? Timeline Support
? Following and Followers
? Posting, Sending, Deleting , Replying and Retweeting Tweets
? User/Saved/Keyword/Proximity Search
? Tweet Photos/Links
? Trending Topics
? Seamless inte...

Pantech Breeze II P2000 system tools Blackberry apps | 559k
Knitting Patterns Database Android software apps
Knitting Patterns Database Android

KPD is a free unique and comprehensive suite of tools that has the functionality of over 20 knitting apps all in one place.
Designed for knitters & crocheters KPD catalogues PDF patterns enabling you to find patterns that match your knitting requirements and more.
One of the main unique fu...

Pantech Breeze II P2000 system tools Android apps | 2253 k
MyThemesResolution software apps

MyThemeResolution is a simple application which shows your current sreen size and type, screen orientation plus the DPI value

This is useful if you are going to download a new theme and you are not sure what type of screen you have, is it VGA or QVGA for example.


Pantech Breeze II P2000 system tools Windows mobile PPC apps | 11k
MSI BluePlayer software apps
MSI BluePlayer

Nokia 3230
Nokia 6260
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6620
Nokia 6670
Nokia 7610
Panasonic X700
Panasonic X800
Samsung SGH-D720
Samsung SGH-D730

Nokia 6630
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6682
Nokia n70
Nokia n72
Nokia n9...

Pantech Breeze II P2000 system tools S60 2nd apps | 38k
Copy To Sim Card android software apps
Copy To Sim Card android

The application enables you to copy your phone contact(s) to a GSM SIM card. Good for contacts backup.

Pantech Breeze II P2000 system tools Android apps | 217k
Titanium Backup android software apps
Titanium Backup android

Rooted Android device!

* No time limit
* Very fast app listing (~1 second for 300 apps)
* Sort apps by name / last backup / backup frequency
* Filter apps by name / type / status / Apps Organizer labels (also affects Batch o...

Pantech Breeze II P2000 system tools Android apps | 1710k
PhoneLocator software apps

Phonelocator tracks your phone automatically using GPS - so you can follow it on a map for fun, keep track of someone you know or if your phone gets stolen


Change log: Version 0.70 released (This version has been symbian signed)
Added disclaimer.<...

Pantech Breeze II P2000 system tools S60 3rd apps | 68k
BitTorrent Client aBTC android software apps
BitTorrent Client aBTC android

Make the most of your unlimited data plan!

aBTC is a full-featured BitTorrent client for Android. Open a bit torrent file to download movies and music straight to your phone! Features DHT and downloading while sleeping.

Pantech Breeze II P2000 system tools Android apps | 184k
Calcohol software apps

A real-time open source alcohol absorption and metabolism simulator for S60 3rd edition mobile phones. Can plot BAC graphs, predefined drinks, sobering-up time estimation and much more!

Changes: changes in 0.3.4.: (TBA)
- Extended xml loading, now default drinks, their ...

Pantech Breeze II P2000 system tools S60 3rd apps | 84k
Network Mapper android software apps
Network Mapper android

Overview: A very fast scanner for network admins that can scan your network in the office and export as CSV via GMail to give you a map of what devices are on your LAN.- Includes a portscanner for security audit scans and a MAC vendor database to identify NIC manufacturers
- Can detect firewall...

Pantech Breeze II P2000 system tools Android apps | 328k
PyWidgets software apps

PyWidgets it's a Python app that puts some windows on standby screen.
Actually, these windows contains only date, disk and network information.


Install Python 1.4.3 , then sign and install PyWidgets (appswitch module is included ...

Pantech Breeze II P2000 system tools S60 3rd apps | 17k

Set model and apps class to fit software apps for your mobile.
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