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Alcatel One Touch Net free 000 mobile apps software download 2014
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What To Eat software apps
What To Eat

When you can′t decide what to have for lunch or dinner, this app does all the thinking for you. Pizza? Sallad? Chinese? Just push the button and then you will know.

Alcatel One Touch Net lifestyle windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
UnDelete software apps

How many times have you woken up late and blamed your alarm clock? You discover that you’ve turned off the alarm while half asleep! This happens all too often because the snooze button turns itself off and we fall back to sleep.

puZZed is the next innovative application from qBOTron that ...

Alcatel One Touch Net system tools Blackberry apps | 30k
Cheap Call software apps
Cheap Call

Do you have expensive domestic or international calls on a regular basis? Try this little app to get away either a lot cheaper or free (as in free beer).

How does it work:
The app allows you to call any number (contacts or manually) via a voip ca...

Alcatel One Touch Net productivity windows phone apps wp7 | 256k
karaoke software apps

Alcatel One Touch Net entertainment | 8081k
Mobile Photoshop software apps
Mobile Photoshop


circle , rectangle , Pierced , Reset size , Transparent cover , rotate right, rotate up/down, Swap left and right , Transparency , capture form camera, contrast, erosion edge, Anti-alias, Black and White , Negative , Chalk drawing , Soften , Sharpening , Bright , Dark , freeze ,...

Alcatel One Touch Net entertainment Java J2ME apps | 595k
GodswMobile Contacts Transfer software apps
GodswMobile Contacts Transfer

Requirements: Windows Mobile 5/6.x
Overview: GodswMobile Contacts Transfer can transfer all kinds of contacts from cellphone to PC. Manage contacts on PC and restore to cellphone as you wish.
GodswMobile Contacts Transfer is a simple program designed for mobile phone running M...

Alcatel One Touch Net PC related Windows mobile PPC apps | 1115k
SU File Manager Terminal v3.86 android software apps
SU File Manager Terminal v3.86 android

Overview: Root Explorer with SU, Terminal, Search, mount, CHMOD, Symlink, view/edit/save, Run Scripts, Email, Home/Favs, Downloader, Multi-Select, Create/Extract Zip, PC Browser.
if you cant copy/paste you dont have busybox or its not installed right.
If the toolbar is cut off ...

Alcatel One Touch Net system tools Android apps | 690k
Network Switcher software apps
Network Switcher

This application has no graphical interface, but every time you press the icon will switch between network modes (Dual mode / UMTS / GSM), so basically they are no longer needed all the options to change the network mode, but just press the icon that will change how network ..

Alcatel One Touch Net system tools S60 3rd apps S60 5th apps Symbian^3 apps | 19k
Nokia Beta Labs Nokia Image Exchange software apps
Nokia Beta Labs Nokia Image Exchange

Nokia Image Exchange is an experimental imaging service for Nokia mobile phones. It is meant to be as convenient and effortless as possible.

With Image Exchange you can share images with your friends. It also makes your images easily available in its web interface to be viewe...

Alcatel One Touch Net system tools S60 3rd apps | 809k
Pocket Hasami software apps
Pocket Hasami

Pocket Hasami is a new freeware board game for your Smartphone.

Hasami Shogi is a famous Japanese chess variant where you move your pieces like a rook in chess, and you capture one or more of your opponent’s pieces by catching them between two of yours. The word Hasami means s...

Alcatel One Touch Net entertainment Windows mobile PPC apps | 208k
Today in History Widget android software apps
Today in History Widget android

Widget displaying events which happened on this day from various sources.
This is an ad-free widget for the home screen: it displays events which happened on this day in history. These events come from various sources in various languages which you can select. You can browse all events of today...

Alcatel One Touch Net news magazines android apps | 198k
Destinations software apps

This is a great way to keep track of the locations of several places and then recall them easily.

Simply add an address or a place name to the list and Destinations will place a pushpin on the map at the location.

Click on an item in the list to see a zoomed in map view that ...

Alcatel One Touch Net travel navigation windows phone apps wp7 | 256k

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