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Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G free java j2me apps mobile apps software download 2014
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Spy Seagull j2me software apps
Spy Seagull j2me

Spy Seagull monitor a closed space, signaling an intrusion by sms and memorising the intruder pictures. This mobile application can monitor your boat, your motorhome, your van, your caravan and any room or mobile space. Avoid long and boring installation using a simple mobile phone in alarm purpose....

Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G system tools Java J2ME apps | 100k
SHAPE Services RDM Plus software apps
SHAPE Services RDM Plus

Access remotely your computer even through NAT and Firewall from mobile.
You can send and receive emails, edit word documents, surf web , manage
files and folders and do hundreds other things that you usually do sitting in
front of your home or office computer.


Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G misc. Java J2ME apps | 166k
Abiro color Sampler software apps
Abiro color Sampler

Use ColorSampler to identify the color of items
It can serve as an aid for the color blind, or be used for sampling colors for use on Web sites etc


Point the phone's camera at an item and press Detect. That's all there's to it.

Information det...

Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G system tools Java J2ME apps | 65k
IQ Talking Clock software apps
IQ Talking Clock

There are a few phones on the market that can tell you the current time
by reading it out loud from the system time.

IQ Talking Clock is a software application that gives your phone the ability
to read the current time even if your phone doesn't have this built in

Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G misc. Java J2ME apps | 90k
Alphabetical for Kids J2ME software apps
Alphabetical for Kids J2ME

The children are in pre-school stage of maximal brain development. At this time the kids remember to say the most vibrant. The children will be very easy to memorize what is around him. Unfortunately it if this time we spent was so alone. This application teaches the children about the forms of lett...

Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G education Java J2ME apps | 505k
mickr software apps

Mickr brings the popular photo application, flickr, to your mobile phone.

Mickr is able to transfer single pictures or whole photo-collections to your mobile phone.
If you are looking for a certain picture mickr will even search for your request in the flickr database un...

Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G entertainment Java J2ME apps | 770k
Default bliinGPSXS with internal and external GPS 240x320 software apps
Default bliinGPSXS with internal and external GPS 240x320

rom today you can download a new piece of software for your handset: bliinGPSXS.

bliinGPSXS is a free and easy applet that connects to your internal - or external Bluetooth - GPS and sends your location to bliin to get you Live!. Just like bliinGPSXS for desktop computers (Mac...

Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G travel navigation Java J2ME apps | 43k
MobiTorrent software apps

Mobile Torrent Client

Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G mobile office Java J2ME apps | 121k
java video player software apps
java video player

for mobile java
mvideo 1.0 java video player

Showing SRT subtitles
Playing in 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° angles
Mirrored playing
Changing color and font size in subtitles

Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G entertainment Java J2ME apps | 30k
Crazy Sound Box j2me software apps
Crazy Sound Box j2me

This application brings you a collection of the best sound effects you'd want to hear, all in one application. Shut up people without opening your mouth or exit a boring meeting with a fire alarm ; this app has it all.There's nothing more satisfying than playing a prank on your friends with a cool e...

Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G multimedia Java J2ME apps | 644k
Bluetooth File Transfer OBEX FTP software apps
Bluetooth File Transfer OBEX FTP


Use your cell phone to manage files of any OBEX ready device that support File Transfer Profile (FTP), almost on all models today, with a Bluetooth connection. Download, upload, explore, edit, create, delete and rename files and folders on your phone, PDA, palm, ...

Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G system tools Java J2ME apps | 192k
Google Maps software apps
Google Maps

Cruising around looking for a nearby coffee shop? Driving to that new restaurant but can't remember which street to turn right on? Now you can get business locations, maps and directions while you're on the go. And it's all free.

Real-time traffic

See where the co...

Blackberry 9105 Pearl 3G travel navigation Java J2ME apps | 413k

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