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LG 220C free java j2me mobile apps software download 2014
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BlueScanner software apps

In BlueScanner you scan for Bluetooth devices (mobile phones with Bluetooth turned on) that are near by. You can use BlueScanner to spy on who are close. For every new Bluetooth device you find, you gain experience points that helps you level up and increase your global online ranking. Y...

LG 220C system tools Java J2ME apps | 79k
SportyPal 320x240 software apps
SportyPal 320x240

Improve your running and cycling performance using your mobile phone! Easily log and map your tracks and results on the web, analyze afterwards or share with your friends.

SportyPal is an easy to use intuitive application for your mobile device. You activate it when you start...

LG 220C travel navigation Java J2ME apps | 328k
The Musicians Swiss Knife software apps
The Musicians Swiss Knife

Three tools in one. A pratic metronome, a versatile note generator to tune up your instrument and a manual beats per minute counter.

Metronome Features

Tempo Markings from 40 to 208 BPM

* Largo 40-60 BPM
* Larghetto 60-66 BPM
* Adagio 66-76 BPM

LG 220C misc. Java J2ME apps | 77k
eBuddy ALL VERSIONS software apps

MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and Talk buddies in one single buddylist! Join eBuddy and get the most popular and free instant messaging application on your mobile.

Chat with your MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, Gtalk, ICQ and Facebook buddies from your phone.

With the eBuddy ...

LG 220C entertainment Java J2ME apps | 1330k
Virtual Radio 240X320 software apps
Virtual Radio 240X320

LG 220C system tools Java J2ME apps | 119k
PeakNotes 176x208 software apps
PeakNotes 176x208

Peak Notes is a recursive sticky note application for the web and mobile phones. Every note can act like a note board allowing you to store information in a structured way.

Nest as many notes as you want inside other notes. Access your notes from your phone or a web browser on...

LG 220C system tools Java J2ME apps | 31k
Cake software apps

LG 220C multimedia Java J2ME apps | 347k
SMS QWERITY software apps

send free sms to your mobile contacts.With qwerity

LG 220C entertainment Java J2ME apps | 78k
quel software apps

mobile reader

LG 220C mobile office Java J2ME apps | 538k
jibe 240x320 software apps
jibe 240x320

FREE video, photo and audio chat. Explore new and popular videos, photos, and news.

Get your personal Flickr or Photobucket photos and Youtube favorites on your mobile. Search multiple photo and video sides with one **.

Subscribe to new media channels and follow p...

LG 220C entertainment Java J2ME apps | 383k
Ultimate Partner Locator 2009 software apps
Ultimate Partner Locator 2009

Amaze your friends into thinking that they can track their partner.

Ultimate Partner Locator 2009 - UPL2009 is extremely fast. It is almost never wrong – through testing found only one false location per million uses. UPL2009 communicates directly with proprietary satellite n...

LG 220C travel navigation Java J2ME apps | 286k
eng-thai-eng dictionary software apps
eng-thai-eng dictionary

LG 220C education Java J2ME apps | 73k

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