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Acer X960 free windows mobile ppc mobile apps software download
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ObexInboxEx software apps

This is a program which help you receive bluetooth files directly to storage card even when device in standby.
Just install the cab file on main memory and go to:
Start -> Settings -> Connections -> OBEX Inbox to choose where you want to recieve f...

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PPCLINK Hinavigator software apps
PPCLINK Hinavigator

HiNavigator – Touch To Go is a software package that allows you to launch programs, make calls, view weather information, access Phone profiles, do ALT-TAB, turn on/off today Plug-ins, and navigate your device by only one hand.
HiNavigator works on Windows Mobile 2003,2005 and 2006...

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LogCalc  software apps

Overview: LogCalc, is the first calculator of its kind for your windows mobile device!
The fundamental functionality of LogCalc is to provide a logging history of your calculations, just like a "tape calculator"!
But not just a history of your calculations, it allows you to go back and mod...

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Spb Wallet software apps
Spb Wallet

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1Liner software apps

1Liner : An application that will serve the user one liners, yo mama jokes, jokes by famous people, fun facts and Chuck Norris jokes.
- Easy to use interface
- Random jokes, and you wont read the same ones again until you have gone through the whole list
- You can ea...

Acer X960 entertainment Windows mobile PPC apps | 660k
Youtubeplay software apps

YouTube Player is YouTube search/player application which featuring full FLV. Bit like the latest CorePlayer.

It allows you to search for videos in a nice friendly Windows Mobile app and then plays the full FLV video (not miniscule MPEG4 versions) with its own player.

Acer X960 misc. Windows mobile PPC apps | 365k
AKToggleWiFi software apps

AKToggleWiFi is a simple applications that saves clicks and time and toggle the WiFi on and off ! Just install and then put use the shortcut from Start Menu/Programs called AKToggleWifi

Here is a simple implementation in TouchFlo:

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Scenic background for the Sense software apps
Scenic background for the Sense

New Mod in order to further customization of the HTC Sense interface in version 2.1.It is simply method to have the background panorama interface of your HTC. The scenic background is different from the background scrolls along with the normal because of the Slider. No longer an image will be repeat...

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Crypto Wallet Professional Edition software apps
Crypto Wallet Professional Edition

Crypto Wallet is a powerful, fast and easy to use manager of your confidential information.

Crypto Wallet manages passwords, banking information, credit cards, insurance policies, PIN codes, registration codes.

Here are some key features of "Crypto Wall...

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NewsBreak software apps

NewsBreak v2.1.2.1109
Requirements: Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003, 2003SE, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6 Classic, Standard and Professional
Overview: Take a news break! Follow the news, listen to podcasts, and read your favorite blogs. Put wasted time - in airports, waiting rooms, l...

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 frNotepad software apps

Notepad is a simple text editor with the possibility to open and save documents in differents text format. The notepad functionalities are intentionally left simple for not to be too heavy.

Context menu' with Cut, Copy and Paste commands.
Clipboard sha...

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Spb Weather software apps
Spb Weather

Spb Weather is a very powerful weather forecast Today plug-in. You can customize weather views, skins and even the weather forecast data source. Spb Pocket Plus users can save space on their Today screen running Spb Weather as a tab.

Here are some key features of "Spb Weather...

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