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Acer X960 free windows mobile ppc mobile apps software download 2014
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Shp Loan Calc software apps
Shp Loan Calc

Just type in the loan amount, term in months, and the interest rate, and your monthly payment will be calculated. Click Amortization to see the full amortization of the loan over the full term. If you’d like to add a little bit of extra bread to those monthly payments, input it into the Curtailment ...

Acer X960 system tools Windows mobile PPC apps | 596k
Exercise Series 1: General Fitness software apps
Exercise Series 1: General Fitness

-Requirements: MySportTraining v3.98 or higher, PPC 2003/SE/2005

Overview: This series includes 30 free weight, machine and ball exercises to gain general fitness.

These exercises work on the following muscle groups:


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MSS Converter software apps
MSS Converter

MSS Converter allows to make conversions between many units. Supported units are currencies (with the ability to automatic update rates), lengths, areas, volumes, masses, speeds, temperatures, pressures, times, angles, energies and powers. The software is easy to use. You can setup the u...

Acer X960 system tools Windows mobile PPC apps | 1025k
Touch Commander software apps
Touch Commander

Touch Commander is a unique application for controlling PDA and smartphones by recognizing and responding to the touch and sweep of a finger across the screen.

The "touchy-feely" effect provided by Touch Commander is much the same as the finger touch scrolling, browsing and s...

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SmartReg software apps

Forgotten that registry change you made last week that you really wish you'd never made? Not a problem if you made the change with SmartReg. Simply look in the change history list, view the change and then undo it!
SmartReg is the professional Windows Mobile registry editor. Does ev...

Acer X960 system tools Windows mobile PPC apps | 101k
Sprint Nascar 09 APP software apps
Sprint Nascar 09 APP

This is the sprint Nascar 09 App. I loaded it on my Fuze w/ATT and it works. It's a little sluggish, but it's free and it works! Enjoy.

Sprint announced a new mobile application today that is compatible with some Sprint handsets that allows NASCAR fans to keep track of the ra...

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PEPID vALL Suites Unicrack software apps
PEPID vALL Suites Unicrack

PEPID Suites v11.0
Requirements: WM5 or above with .NET Compact Framework v2.0 or later, roughly 35 MB storage space for each suite, Internet connection for online functions.
Overview: Healthcare professionals around the world access our continuously updated independent clinical content; m...

Acer X960 misc. Windows mobile PPC apps | 1230k
Pocket Mechanic Professional software apps
Pocket Mechanic Professional

Pocket Mechanic Professional is the best PocketPC optimization tool can optimize performance storage devices, garbage clean-up system, formatted expansion cards, with the removal of invalid registry shortcuts can search files, it can bypass the system directly on the document operate, documents can ...

Acer X960 system tools Windows mobile PPC apps | 1025k
VITO Technology SMS Chat software apps
VITO Technology SMS Chat

SMS-Chat is a Windows Mobile SMS messenger that organizes your SMS correspondence into threaded SMS conversations. This way you have a separate chat for every contact with whom you exchange short text messages. You can easily follow a conversation scrolling thru chats with a finger: all ...

Acer X960 entertainment Windows mobile PPC apps | 1557k
Pocketmax phoneAlarm Pro Lite software apps
Pocketmax phoneAlarm Pro Lite

Pocketmax phoneAlarm Pro & Lite v.2.40 build.408 beta
Requirements: WM5-6.5
Overview: Your complete, easy to use, communication center, never overlook a missed call, voicemail, Email or SMS again. Plus 7 powerful Phone profiles to control all your important settings


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S2U2 QVGA software apps

S2U2 v2.43 (6 August 2010) by A_C

S2U2 (Slide 2 Unlock 2) is a simple lock/unlock application which has the iPhone style slide unlocking.
It can be used as a screensaver while you don't use your device. It has CallerID function (but it may not work on some devices, so try it before d...

Acer X960 misc. Windows mobile PPC apps | 2051k
GPS Speedometer - VGA software apps
GPS Speedometer - VGA

Requirements: PPC WM6 - VGA
Overview: GPS Speedometer is an attractive speed meter on the car dash for Windows Mobile 6 QVGA phones.

Make sure you have .net framework installed. The setings.exe included in the attachment is from the Microsoft SDK samples, which can be used...

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