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SPB Wallet software apps
SPB Wallet

Version 1.5.2 (August 14, 2008):
* Firefox 3 support added
* Improved import from eWallet, SplashID, and CSV
* New setup: it is now XP-style and doesn't cause the "false positive" warning from Antiviral tools
* More devices are supported now:
o Samsung i780 and other 32...

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Manila TV Player-vga software apps
Manila TV Player-vga

Manila TV Player is a tab to add in TF3D & TF3D2 but in this the landscape don't work properly.This add-on is based on tab from orange tab tv i'm modificated to work with all languagues and other streams.

1.Manila TV PLayer VGA 

2.Manila TV PLayer wVGA 

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fim software apps

facebook instant messaging v2.13 for windows mobile 5, 6, 6.5 and windows phone 7

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Samsung i600 96DPI screen software apps
Samsung i600 96DPI screen

here the screen setting that makes your i600 feels like a wide LCD screen...
its originally is smartphone 96DPI + Menu Tweak an application for samsung valen..but i modify it to compatible with i600.dialing,activesync and PIE Loading animation will get little trouble,for disable dialing animati...

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Phone software apps

Address Book is the best contact manager with Additional Phones and Fields, Instant Search, Ring Tones, Photo Caller ID and Phone Profiles. Inesoft Address Book - the most convenient way to manage contacts on Windows Mobile device.

Inesoft Phone 4 (formerly Inesoft Address Bo...

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RNS Calorie GPS software apps
RNS Calorie GPS

RNS:: Calorie GPS is the first caloric consumption calculator for Windows Mobile devices that provides fairly accurate statistics based on the GPS readings and a few user-defined factors. The GPS readings include distance travelled, current velocity, acceleration changes, and can also in...

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Airscanner Mobile Sniffer software apps
Airscanner Mobile Sniffer

Requirements: Windows Mobile device running Windows Mobile 2003SE, Windows Mobile 2005 or above with built-in WiFi.
Overview: Are you tired of dragging your laptop all over campus to audit your WLAN? Simply slip Airscanner Mobile Sniffer into your pocket, and you are ready to go. A...

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Money software apps

A complete personal finance software to manage your accounts, credit cards, stocks, budget, bills.
Want to get organized with your money? Wonder how much you have and how much you owe?

This is what Adarian Money can do for you:

- Keeps track of all your cash an...

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GPS Toggle software apps
GPS Toggle


BAF GPS Toggle is a today screen plugin for Windows Mobile. It has been designed specifically for the HTC Titan, but should work on most other Windows Mobile phones that have a need for this type of application.

BAF GPS Toggle is written in native code (not .N...

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Defragment Mobile software apps
Defragment Mobile

Maximize performance and reliability with the most powerful defragmentation utility for Windows Mobile on the market – automatically!

Is your mobile device becoming more sluggish as you install more applications and store more data on your storage cards? Does it take forever ...

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Esmertec Jbed JAVA for PPC software apps
Esmertec Jbed JAVA for PPC

Esmertec Jbed JAVA v20090217.5.1a PPC
Requirements: WM5, WM6
Overview: Latest version of the best Java Engine for PocketPC!

* Has sound and 3D capabilities!
* Installs on main memory or storage card (without editing anything in registry)!
* Runs almost all ...

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Dr Yar Bluetooth freeware software apps
Dr Yar Bluetooth freeware

Dr.Yar Bluetooth v1.6.1 (freeware)
Requirements: wm5
Overview: If you use bluetooth to send/recieve files on your PPC this tiny app will help a lot.

It gives you:
- Name of receiving file
- Size of receiving file
- Name of sending device
- ...

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