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Best Translator software apps
Best Translator

My Best Multilingual Translator allows you to enter text and have the text translated into one of several languages. For some of the languages you may choose to have the translation results spoken. You may also save your favorite phrases for quick lookup during future sessions.


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PAPAGAYO software apps

Uses Microsoft services to translate to, and from, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean. Saves translation history. Speaks translation as well as displaying text. Superb user experience exploiting Panorama Control and San Diego coastline. Larg...

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Eng-China Dictionary software apps
Eng-China Dictionary

Eng-China Dictionary is a very comprehensive English->Chinese dictionary, containing almost 100,000 terms. The application does not require an Internet connection.

Eng-China Dictionary supports both Simplified and Traditional characters, can search full words or substrings, allows single-...

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Hebrew Alphabet software apps
Hebrew Alphabet

The whole Hebrew alphabet in one app.

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Greek Alphabet software apps
Greek Alphabet

The whole Greek alphabet in one app.

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English To German software apps
English To German

Easily translate text between English and German. The translations are bidirectional. Switching from English to German and German to English can be done easily simply by swiping your finger accross the screen.

*Simple but elegant interface to make switching between translat...

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Septics Freebie software apps
Septics Freebie

A humo(u)rous yet strangely useful guide to British slang from the book, The Septic’s Companion.

If you cant tell your brolly from your baps or your pants from your plus-fours, this application will be essential. Browsable by category or letter, searchable, and includes audio clips of eac...

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trânslåtõr xxx xx software apps
trânslåtõr xxx xx

A fast English - German / German - English dictionary. Requires no Internet connection.

Contains about 90.000 words and expressions in each language

Startup time is instantaneous, translation is performed as you type. Wildcard search is about three seconds, showing the next 25 ...

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Kana Kards software apps
Kana Kards

Do you want to or need to learn Japanese characters. Kana Kards is a great way to learn the phonetic characters in the Japanese language called Hiragana & Katakana. It is a flash card application to learn the characters than included the classic layed out chart of the characters and quizzes to test ...

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ICQ Messenger android software apps
ICQ Messenger android

Download ICQ and switch from costly SMS to free chat with all your friends
Chat for free with all your friends, including address-book contacts, ICQ, Google Talk, Facebook, AIM and friends using one free app – ICQ Messenger.
The ICQ Android application enables you to switch from co...

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Translator FREE software apps
Translator FREE

Use Translator++ to translate anything between more than 35 languages.

Translate anything and listen to it to know how to pronounce it!

Simple, fast, easy!

- Friendly and simple user interface
- Listen to the translation
- Language det...

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Translator software apps

Use Translator+ to translate between over 30 languages.
Translator+ offers an easy, fast and simple way to get anything translated between different languages all over the world.

- Friendly and simple user interface.
- Language detection.
- Listen to trans...

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