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Eng-Japan Dictionary software apps
Eng-Japan Dictionary

Eng-Japan Dictionary is a *FREE* English->Japanese dictionary containing more than 188,000 entries. The dictionary does not require an Internet connection and can be consulted at any time: no crazy roaming charges or blackout times while on a flight! The only time you may need a data connection is i...

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Kana Table software apps
Kana Table

Kana Table is a free application which shows the Japanese hiragana and katakana characters and their pronunciations. Its intended for people new to the Japanese language trying to get to grips with hiragana and katakana.

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ICQ widget software apps
ICQ widget

Samsung bada widget

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FileKicker android software apps
FileKicker android

Share any file with anyone using FileKicker via Kik Messenger.
FileKicker uses Kik Messenger's API to send any file from your Android device to any phone using Kik Messenger. If you don't have Kik Messenger, go check it out!
The file size limit is 10MB, and it is set by Kik Messenger, not ...

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Funny SMS Ringtone android software apps
Funny SMS Ringtone android

Funny SMS Ringtones
The app provides 20 high quality and funny SMS ringtones.
Hope you press and set as alarm,notification,ringtone.
Keyword:fun,3D effect,tone,music,media,popular,hot,free,download.

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don Quijote Spanish Phrasebook software apps
don Quijote Spanish Phrasebook

The don Quijote English-Spanish Phrasebook is a useful tool for anyone traveling to a Spanish speaking country. This tool is designed for Windows Phone 7 and does not require an Internet connection to run. Simply download the application for free to access useful Spanish vocabulary and phrases fro...

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WebSharingLite File w Media Sync android software apps
WebSharingLite File w Media Sync android

Transfer files to your device using Wi-Fi and your web browser.
WebSharing lets you transfer files over Wi-Fi between your phone and computer.
"Lite" version supports transferring files, but does not include the music, photos, videos, or multiple file upload features. Full version is avail...

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Talkdroid Messenger Free android software apps
Talkdroid Messenger Free android

Talkdroid Messenger is a Windows Live Messenger instant messaging client or aka Msn Messenger. This is a free version with ads.
- Android Market comments:
Before posting a negative comment, please email me with your problem and I will try to find out a solution. Thanks.
- Note:

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Web to PDF android software apps
Web to PDF android

★★★★★ “Unbelievable! Better than any on the PC, Mac, or iPhone. PDF conversion is neat & file size is small. Just like print to PDF in Linux but better.”
Web to PDF lets you save a website as a PDF file and access it anytime. Now you can share or view your PDF anytime offline.
Web to PDF i...

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WiFinder android software apps
WiFinder android

Nice and functional WiFi scanner
Nice look WiFi scanner allows you to connect all wifi networks: Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2.
List of network contains channel, graphic level, encryption.
Save/remove networks supported - Forget option.
Auto Scan function.
- Fixed connect...

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Speechy software apps


A translator you can really talk to, literally! Say what you need and Speechy will translate and speak out loud what you said in English for others to know what you really want to say in a foreign language. Great tool even if youre just trying to learn the la...

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ZOOM Messaging Widget android software apps
ZOOM Messaging Widget android

Introducing the ZOOM Messaging Widget... Perfect for commuters or older eyes.
This home-screen widget offers voice to text capabilities and a unique zoom font, making it a perfect app for people in cars looking for hands free texting, or for those with less than perfect vision.
This app of...

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