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Young Frankenstein software apps
Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein (1974) is one of writer-producer- director Mel Brooks best films - a nostalgic, hilarious spoof-tribute to classic horror films , and in particular, of Mary Shelleys classic novel. A critical favorite and box office smash, Young Frankenstein ranks No. 28 on Total Film magazines "L...

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Your Eyes Speak software apps
Your Eyes Speak

A lot of observations have been in regards to a persons personality depending on his /her eye color.
Here are the characteristics of people depending on the color of their eyes.

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CountDown software apps

A little counter developed for my girlfriend :)

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Kubjelle software apps

Easy app where you shake the phone to make the sound of a cowbell. Choose to display a cowbell or the Norwegian flag on the screen.

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Skyrim Herbarium software apps
Skyrim Herbarium

Useful tool containing all ingredients with all effects available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Find all available recipes for your found ingredients easily on your phone without the need to switch between game and desktop.

Must have app for any Skyrim player :)

- a...

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TerminateMeArnold software apps

Your very own Arnold Schwarzenegger puppet! Touch him in various spots and enjoy his reaction. This app includes a sound board with 31 of his most famous quotes and a favorites panel for quick access.

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Vuvuzela software apps

Easy app to play vuvuzela on your phone.

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Easy Animator software apps
Easy Animator

Easy Animator is for making quick, simple fun animations on your phone. Add frames, draw items with your fingers (multiple colors), and then play your animation! There is even an overlay method you can turn on for each frame to keep the frame on the screen if you are “building up” things! Nothing to...

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WhatMenMean software apps

This little fun app makes it easier for women to finally understand what men really mean. It translates a number of stereotype sentences, commonly used by men, into real English. Will you really understand them better now? Go find out!

Changes in version 1.1
Added optional Facebook, ...

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Tazer7 software apps

Tazer7 gives you the entire thrill of using a real taser on your Windows Phone 7. Although Tazer7 will not actually cause neuromuscular incapacitation you can trick your friends into thinking you have a real taser through the sound effects and animation. Tazer7 is also more affordable then a real...

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Taylor Swift software apps
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift news and more!

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GeoWarfare software apps

Vous avez toujours rêver de commander le monde, montrer à tous votre puissance ? Grace à GeoWarfare dominez votre ville ! Déplacez vous dans votre ville et disposez vos unités avec intelligence, attaquez vos ennemis ou préparez une rébellion grace à votre alliance. GeoWarfare est un jeu de stratégie...

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