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Micromax A35 Bolt free android games mobile games download 2014
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Pinball Deluxe Android game Pinball Deluxe Android
Pinball Deluxe is a free pinball game for the mobile world. It runs on Android (2.1 and higher) and works beautifully on all devices. It even runs on tablets in their native resolution, which means gorgeous graphics across the board.The game has 3 different tables - more will be added. Each table pl...
Micromax A35 Bolt leisure Android games | 11788k
Desert Winds Mini Game game Desert Winds Mini Game
The action of the game develops in the exotic and mystical world. Help the princess Amir to find murderers of her parents and to return a lawful throne. When Amir was the child her parents were betrayed and killed. Since then she was brought up to become a murderer. It’s time to revenge. In the game...
Micromax A35 Bolt action adventure Android games | 3174k
Secrets Of The Dragon Wheel game Secrets Of The Dragon Wheel
Secrets of the Dragon Wheel - an interesting and fascinating quest. You should help the main character to find an ancient and mysterious artifact - Wheel of the Dragon, comprising energy of the evil. Prevent chaos and murders which will be if the artifact falls not into the right hands. Actions orig...
Micromax A35 Bolt action adventure Android games | 8294k
Ackmi Dress Up Jewelry Free android game Ackmi Dress Up Jewelry Free android
Customize clothes, makeup, jewelry, shoes,fairy wings, anything you can imagine!
Use the color sliders to pick any color you want for all the items!

Ackmi Dress Up features:
- Model: skin color, hair styles, eyes, lips, and eye shadow
- Clothes: dresses, shirts, shorts, skirts, le...
Micromax A35 Bolt leisure Android games | 3994k
City Legends halloween android game City Legends halloween android
Happy Halloween in City Legends
Happy halloween
Welcome to City Legends where you and your friends can create your new civilization on this city. enjoy this game with your friends.
build and decorate your city with Stadium,Business Center,Town Hall and Arch. Check the screenshots for ...
Micromax A35 Bolt action adventure Android games | 4400k
Kids Memory Android game Kids Memory Android
Memory game for you and especially for your kids. This game will help to train your child memory. Nice toy icons and music. Two levels Easy with 16 images and hard with 24 images! High score table of 3 best results. Try to open all cards as fast as you can!
Micromax A35 Bolt puzzle mind Android games | 656k
Chapayev Android game Chapayev Android
Chapayev is a strategic game played on a checkerboard, crazy popular throughout former USSR countries. The game is named after the Russian Civil War hero, Red Army commander Vasily Chapayev, who was a very brave and funny man with a great heart and extraordinary sense of humour.
The aim is to k...
Micromax A35 Bolt RPG strategy Android games | 13139k
Magic 8 android game Magic 8 android
Bringing Magic 8 'Eight' ball to you. Many options for you to customize. Change text color, or Create custom responses.
Ask it any question and "without a doubt" it will give you an answer to life's most complicated questions.
Micromax A35 Bolt action adventure Android games | 232k
Slam Dunk Basketball game Slam Dunk Basketball
Slam Dunk Basketball - a fine simulator of basketball, but unusual! In this game you need to throw a ball over and over again. There’s no main character, opponents, the second ring — nothing. Passing is made on performance of various tasks. For example - to throw a ball into a ring by a rebound from...
Micromax A35 Bolt sport racing Android games | 46592k
Kungfu Warrior game Kungfu Warrior
Far from a civilization, in a small silent village you were trained kung fu, comprehended secrets of this ancient art. But suddenly, in one awful day, the village was attacked by gang of bandits, they plundered and pulled down all on their way, and anybody, except your teacher didn't decide to stand...
Micromax A35 Bolt action adventure Android games | 43008k

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