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Nokia Lumia 520 free windows phone games mobile games download 2014
download Nokia Lumia 520 latest 2014 windows phone games mobile games. click here to search mobile games.
ParaJumping wp7 game ParaJumping wp7
You are an inveterate parachutist, who is simply sick of jumping without any interesting action. You are constantly inventing new scenarios of jumping and look for adventures . Your friends have decided to support your crazy life style and agreed to participate in the ParaJumping competition.
Nokia Lumia 520 action adventure windows phone games wp7 | 32768k
aFrogGameFree wp7 game aFrogGameFree wp7
In this game you just have to catch flies. Nothing more, nothing less. But be careful, you are not the only hungry frog.

Eat special flies for better scores or time bonus. You also should know that not efery fly is delicious!

How To Play:

Tap on screen to jump. Tap o...
Nokia Lumia 520 leisure windows phone games wp7 | 5120k
Nokia Lumia el poderoso wp7 game Nokia Lumia el poderoso wp7
Game for have fun
Nokia Lumia 520 leisure windows phone games wp7 | 5120k
Frost King wp7 game Frost King wp7
Freeze and slide ice blocks and penguins through 50 challenging levels in this COOL retro puzzle game
Nokia Lumia 520 puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 5120k
Touch Sudoku Free wp7 game Touch Sudoku Free wp7
Designed from the ground up for the Windows Phone 7, this version of Sudoku allows you to quickly and precisely solve a vast assortment of puzzles. You can choose to have the sudoku engine auto calculate pencil marks or you can use your own.

During a game, you can save a snapshot of your ...
Nokia Lumia 520 puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
Unicorn BaseJumping wp7 game Unicorn BaseJumping wp7
The world is being invaded by evil space bananas. You are on the highest skyscraper, and you need to get out of there! Your only solution is to take the unicorn and use it as a parachute to get down! Evade the bananas and make sure to pick up the rainbow dust before the rainbow meter runs out! The u...
Nokia Lumia 520 action adventure windows phone games wp7 | 1024k
RecreateEinstein wp7 game RecreateEinstein wp7
Recreate Einstein is a Puzzle to create Einstein's picture from the broken pieces. Rearrange the pieces to solve te puzzle. After solving the puzzle you will get the secret of Einstein's success
So go ahead and take the challenge to solve the puzzle in minimum number of moves.
Nokia Lumia 520 puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
BlackJack Tutor wp7 game BlackJack Tutor wp7
This application helps you learn "perfect blackjack".

Knowing your hand and the dealer hand, should you hit, stay, double or split? This app will teach you.

If you are looking for blackjack app, this is not it, if you are interested in learning "mathematically correct" blackja...
Nokia Lumia 520 card board windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
Who Comes 1st wp7 game Who Comes 1st wp7
It is a game between two players.the one who reaches destination first wins the game.
Nokia Lumia 520 RPG strategy windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
Popper 2 Free wp7 game Popper 2 Free wp7
Version 2.1 - Updated for Mango fast resume

**FREE AND COMPLETELY UNLOCKED** Every phone needs a bubble breaker game. With 5 beautiful themes, smooth animations, 3 game modes each with their own challenges, bonus pieces, and a high score system, Popper 2 is everything you need in a bubbl...
Nokia Lumia 520 classic arcade windows phone games wp7 | 4096k

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