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ScummVM plugin: scumm game ScummVM plugin: scumm
This is a game engine for ScummVM, adding support for SCUMM adventure games from LucasArts and Humongous Entertainment such as:
Maniac Mansion
Monkey Island 1-3
Day of the Tentacle
Full Throttle
Sam & Max Hit the Road
This package is useless without installing ScummVM a...
Karbonn A2 puzzle mind Android games | 1433k
River Test Trilogy Android game River Test Trilogy Android
River Test Trilogy is Japan's a job interview IQ Test, it is said that the planet only 10% of the people can pass, and the game appears in most blackberry, now also came to the Android platform.
The game background: some things and people need to cross the river, but the boat one-time loading c...
Karbonn A2 leisure Android games | 8729k
Football Kicks android game Football Kicks android
Football Kicks is all about mastering your free kicks on the pitch.
Football Kicks has been downloaded more than 3 million times on iPhone and now comes to your Android phone

Football Kicks is all about mastering your free kicks, earning your kit and locations through blood, sweat an...
Karbonn A2 sport racing Android games | 18446k
Steampunk Racing 3d game Steampunk Racing 3d
Steampunk Racing 3D. Astounding steapmunk races for Android: steam units, shiny brass and intricate mechanisms fight for the leadership. There are a lot of cars in the game, each with its own strong and weak points. But fair play is very often uninteresting, that is why Steampunk Racing 3D has an ar...
Karbonn A2 sport racing Android games | 28774k
Gotcha game Gotcha
In this cheerful arcade with beautiful graphics, you will play as an alien and steal terrestrial living creatures from a farm. Inclining phone, you will move, and pressing the screen – you will let out a beam which will tighten an animal aboard. At your order there’s a limited quantity of time and t...
Karbonn A2 classic arcade Android games | 5734k
Fast Furious 5 HD android game Fast Furious 5 HD android
The explosive franchise built on speed is back with Fast & Furious 5, and this model comes fully loaded! Play as Brian O'Conner on the wrong side of the law and assemble an elite team of top racers. Get behind the wheel of your dream car to battle opponents in the ultimate high-stakes racing game th...
Karbonn A2 action adventure Android games | 3933k
Plumber game Plumber
Simple, but very interesting and fascinating puzzle - plumber. Rotate and connect details of pipes to collect a water supply system and to deliver water to destination. When you collect a water supply system completely and you are sure that you have missed nothing, then it will be necessary to open ...
Karbonn A2 puzzle mind Android games | 1126k
Saving Private Sheep 2 game Saving Private Sheep 2
Saving Private Sheep 2. After the wolves’ defeat the sheep could finally relax. But their happiness lasted not long as foxes heaved in sight. These mean creatures want to steal small sheep peacefully grazing on the lawn. Only the warlike sheep Shepherd can save sheepfold from devastation. He collect...
Karbonn A2 puzzle mind Android games | 17408k
Space Jumper android game Space Jumper android
What a thrilling flight game!
Support HD resolution!
It used to be a happy interstellar empire, and people lived a quiet life. Suddenly a gang of thugs invaded their empire and broke the peace. Just then, a boy with great courage, rebelled against the cruel killers.He ha...
Karbonn A2 sport racing Android games | 7782k
Sleepy Jack game Sleepy Jack
Help the boy named Jack to wake up. Learn an interesting story how the kid has fantastic dreams where he takes a role of a superhero! Ride on high-speed Galaxy cars, attack armed beings who live in the far desert and battle to huge bosses! Visit the underwater world, space, desert, meet bosses. Pass...
Karbonn A2 classic arcade Android games | 21811k

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