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Spirit BombGenki Dama android game Spirit BombGenki Dama android
Genkidama for smart phone
How to play:
Take the back of your device towards the sky, and waiting for screen lighting.
After screen lighting, it is sign of collecting energy started。
You can see the energy coming to Gankidama.
If t...
Mito T970 leisure Android games | 1536k
Parallel Mafia game Parallel Mafia

"Rule your Hood!
The #1 location-based mafia game on Android
This isn’t one of those lame, menu-based mafia games. This game has real-time combat, player-to-player trading, and a huge amount of skills and player customization. It’s a true MMORPG.
Time to take over the streets yo...
Mito T970 classic arcade Android games | 9762k
Monster Truck Rally game Monster Truck Rally
These are classical races on SUVs. In the game there’re two modes: mode of career and single race. In career one car is initially open. During passing of maps, you will get new cars. At the end of the game five SUVs will be available to you. Maps are also closed. Having passed one map – the next ope...
Mito T970 sport racing Android games | 289k
Pandas Vs Ninjas Christmas Android game Pandas Vs Ninjas Christmas Android
Enjoy this Christmas-themed version of one of the most popular Android games! Happy Holidays! Merry Xmas! Help Pandas battle Ninjas in this fun and innovative physics-based game! Defend Pandas' homeland by fighting Ninja invaders and destroying their camps. Enjoy highly addictive gameplay and realis...
Mito T970 leisure Android games | 8234k
Zombie Ninja android game Zombie Ninja android
Fruit Ninja fun but slash on zombies instead!
A variation of Fruit Ninja. Slash on the zombies to earn extra play time. The objective is to stay in play for as long as possible. Each zombie slashed will earn you either 1, 2 or 5 seconds extended play time. However, you should avoid slashing th...
Mito T970 leisure Android games | 1331k
Texas Poker game Texas Poker

Poker is a skill game of poker is very strong, there is a certain element of luck, but mainly rely on players fighting between intelligence, maneuvering, brains. The rules are very simple, relatively easy to grasp, but to achieve the proficient level there is a certain difficulty. Want t...
Mito T970 casino Android games | 3060k
All Star Motocross: World Tour game All Star Motocross: World Tour
Mito T970 sport racing Android games | 47821k
Alien Overkill game Alien Overkill
ALIEN OVERKILL puts you in the shoes of an action hero. Aliens are overrunning everything, colonies and space ships alike - but not you. You are here to kick some serious alien butt in a slick action shooter and make 'em think twice about ever attacking mankind again!
? Use different weapons wi...
Mito T970 classic arcade Android games | 20685k
City Life Android game City Life Android
Welcome to the game where you can build a city of your DREAMS! A FREE City Building Game which will relinquish your angry self and take you to your paradise city.
A unique city building experience comprising of 100+ buildings which you can choose to create a beautiful city of your own! Make a p...
Mito T970 RPG strategy Android games | 8373k
Fruit Ninja v1.5.4 Android game Fruit Ninja v1.5.4 Android
Slice n enjoy this addictive game
Mito T970 flagged Android games | 10451k

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