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The Tossing Dead game The Tossing Dead
The Tossing Dead - a game in Fruit Ninja genre. Your weapon will be a chainsaw, which you will use to cut zombie into pieces, without leaving even a chance of rescue to them. Working with a chainsaw try not to touch canisters, differently you will blow up yourself together with zombie. On a game cou...
Lenovo A60+ classic arcade Android games | 19968k
Frontier Gunners game Frontier Gunners
Frontier Gunners – online shooter, which at the same time can play 4 persons. You can pass missions alone, but together with friends you get essential advantage. In the process of passing you will save up experience and improve your character. Except characteristics, you will be able to buy or to im...
Lenovo A60+ action adventure Android games | 44134k
The Stone Stacker game The Stone Stacker
A fascinating game with amazing physics. You will appear in a magic well where stones come to life, and want to frolic. Put stones so that they didn't fall. In the game you are waited for by 4 episodes with levels of the different difficulty, some of them can become not a simple puzzle.

Lenovo A60+ puzzle mind Android games | 7475k
Fruit Roll game Fruit Roll
If you were are tired of games with difficult subject line and various difficulties, then this sufficient simple and very cheerful and colorful game is for you. It will also perfectly suit children. Your task is to gather fruit and stars, sliding on a slope, but the matter is that they are protected...
Lenovo A60+ classic arcade Android games | 5018k
Furdiburb game Furdiburb
Furdiburb – a game-tamagochi in which you should grow up a small alien favorite, who has hatched from egg. You need to play with your pet, to feed him correctly or to cure him when you made it not correctly, generally to look after him. Your pet will grow in fantastically beautiful world with a set ...
Lenovo A60+ RPG strategy Android games | 7578k
The Secret Of Grisly Manor game The Secret Of Grisly Manor
Your grandfather, an eccentric inventor, mysteriously disappeared. But, suddenly you receive a letter from him! "Please, come right now, I have to show you something!" And here you are on a threshold of a very strange mansion, and you aren't abandoned by a strange presentiment. There’re untied and a...
Lenovo A60+ action adventure Android games | 15053k
Future Shooter game Future Shooter
Future Shooter is quite a good arcade scrolling shooter for Android platform. The plot of the game is set in the distant future, when organized gangs went to underground and organized their cities there. You are a member of one of such communities and your city was attacked by another city gang, who...
Lenovo A60+ shooting fighting Android games | 33075k
Fuzzies game Fuzzies
The game Fuzzies for Android is quite exact copy of game Lemmings. You will have an unforgettable adventure and intellectual activities in this game. Here it is necessary to involve all hidden opportunities of your logic. Use tactics and ingenuity and think over your movements on a step forward, it ...
Lenovo A60+ puzzle mind Android games | 620k
The Origon Trail American Settler game The Origon Trail American Settler
You’ve conquered the trail, now it’s time to tame the frontier! Experience the next step in The Oregon Trail story, where you and your family can finally settle down and build a new home in the Wild West…
* “Very addictive. I can't put my phone down”
* “Great combination of building, socia...
Lenovo A60+ RPG strategy Android games | 3133k
Zombie Road game Zombie Road

Your road is simply covered by the infected zombies who want to turn you into one of them. Use different types of weapon for self-defense and attack. Don't allow them come close to you to remain a person. Kill zombie, receive money on which it is possible to buy cartridges for weapon, an...
Lenovo A60+ classic arcade Android games | 6042k

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