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Smart Simon game Smart Simon

The finest FREE Simon game on Android!
Smart Simon is the infuriatingly addictive adaptation of the classic memory game.
Simply copy the pattern and repeat - how far can you go?
Key features:
- Beautiful graphics, optimized for multiple screen resolutions.
- 4 sets o...
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Plumber Land game Plumber Land
"Plumber Land is a free addictive puzzle game.
Your goal is to turn the different colored pipes in the right direction and connect them together to form a complete pipeline.
When you create a pipe, one of your lovely dragons will finally be able to drink.
Plumber Land features a total...
Micromax A57 Ninja 3 puzzle mind Android games | 7565k
4 In A 3d Row game 4 In A 3d Row
An absolutely new style of a game 4 in a row. In this puzzle you need to switch a three-dimensional cube, placing 4 jewels of one color in one row. But it is necessary to work quickly and accurately because your opponent has the same purpose. Unblock some levels of difficulty, achievement and Turnti...
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Paper Munchers game Paper Munchers
Paper Munchers is a very amusing logic arcade game in which you will feed toothy monsters with little monsters of various shapes and colors. In order to send another portion of little monsters into the jaws of predators, you will have to blow up bombs next to them and use the power of the blast wave...
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Space Bubble Buster Pro android game Space Bubble Buster Pro android
Best Bubble Shooter game in Market!
Space Bubble Buster Pro, one of the most played game on the web is now available for your Android phone, now with online challenges.
Your task is to clear the board by matching 3 or more like-colored bubbles to make them burst.
With its easy, but truly ...
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Chroma Burst Trial Android game Chroma Burst Trial Android
A fun and addicting game in which you burst particles to create a chain reaction.
Micromax A57 Ninja 3 puzzle mind Android games | 129k
Lost Souls game Lost Souls
Lost Souls. A happy and serene life of Bella comes to an end when a picture depicting an ancient ominous castle appears in her house. Her child disappears suddenly; police and FBI are off their legs looking for clues in vain. The only thing remained to Bella is to seek the assistance of supernatural...
Micromax A57 Ninja 3 puzzle mind Android games | 11264k
Gravity Maze game Gravity Maze
Unique puzzle based on physics where you take in hand control over gravitation. The magnificent graphics and atmospheric music make this game excellent. The game consists of 45 unique levels divided into 3 worlds with a bit different game in each of the worlds.

gravity maze ...
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mem android game mem android
Match the sequence of flashing colors and sounds! What's the longest sequence that you can get?
Try the "mini mem" widget!
All the fun of the full-sized game, now available on your home screen!
Menu > Add > Widgets > mini mem

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Instead android game Instead android
INSTEAD — INterpreter of Simple TExt ADventure. Using INSTEAD you can create and play games that could be classified as a mix of visual novel and text quest.
* Simple story source code (Lua-based script);
* GUI and text (readline) interfaces;
* GUI interface supports music an...
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