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ScummVM plugin: sci game ScummVM plugin: sci

This is a game engine for ScummVM, adding support for SCI adventure games from Sierra, such as the later King's Quest and Space Quest games.
This package is useless without installing ScummVM and the files from a copy of the game. See the main ScummVM package for more details.
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Army fight Android game Army fight Android
Army combat puzzle game
This is a puzzle game about Army operations , specifically for military enthusiasts to do the game. If you like military army combat, then you should definitely try this game.
Start of the game will be great music , when you complete a puzzle, you can set a picture ...
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Super Collapse Android game Super Collapse Android
Enter the world of Super Collapse! in the mobile adaptation of the award-winning smash-hit PC game. Stay ahead of the ever-increasing pile by getting rid of blocks of the same colour. Complete levels and collect gold and stars. Use your stars to advance to the next land and your hard-earned gold to ...
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Take me Home android game Take me Home android
Excellent physics puzzle game with speical level design!
"Excellent physics puzzle game. Nice graphics, level design and coin system make the game fun and great replay value. Highly recommend it!" -- by puzsite review
if you like blast monkeys, angry birds these kinds of physics games, you...
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Einstein Math Academy android game Einstein Math Academy android
Brain is a muscle, exercise it! Workout daily to keep your mind stimulated.
Your child plays to learn.
Your parent keeps brain age young.
And for you, it depends.
Playing the game is easy (finding equation that works), but mastering it is hard due to the cleverly crafted scoring syst...
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Dr. Parking game Dr. Parking
Dr. Parking, parking
Let's learn parking!
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Lexathon word jumble game Lexathon word jumble

Ultra addictive 9 letter word game for Android.
From a jumble of 9 letters, find as many English words as possible of 4 or more letters that contain the central letter. There is always a 9 letter word to find amongst the scrambled letters.
Previously known as "Jumblee Words", it has ...
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Cheese Tower game Cheese Tower
"Cheese Tower is a very challenging physics-based puzzle game with gorgeous graphics, simple controls, and sensational sound effects.
Jimmy, a clever cat with cunning abilities, just retired from military service and his new job is to guard tasty cheese from those naughty mouses.
And your ...
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Fruit Ninja Kaka Halloween Special Android game Fruit Ninja Kaka Halloween Special Android
The popular Android game Fruit Ninja Kaka is now with a brand new episode for Halloween Special. Swipe fruit with your finger to cut. Train your Ninja Kaka to be the fruit killer right now! Get some fun on your Android with Fruit Ninja Kaka Game.
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Wall E Memory Android game Wall E Memory Android
Train Your Memory with your favorite WALL-E cartoon hero! Great Game for kids and adults! * Easy and Hard Levels * High Scores Table * Sound and Music control
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