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Bejewelled Bricks Android game Bejewelled Bricks Android
New concept of match-three games.
Make your way through 69 levels.
Defeat bosses, solve puzzles, match jewels!
You have to group four or more of the same color jewels to make them eliminate within limited time.
Gorgeous and dazzling interface!
Fun to play, you will love...
myphone TS1 Duo puzzle mind Android games | 21504 k
100 Doors 4 Android game 100 Doors 4 Android
Introducing the latest, highly addictive Room Escape puzzle game for Android: Can you manage to escape from these mysterious rooms?
Find a way to solve the 66 brain-bending stages by searching for hints and using your mind!

↗ 66 levels
↗ Stunning graphics and asto...
myphone TS1 Duo puzzle mind Android games | 30720 k
Bunny Shooter game Bunny Shooter

Hunt evil-fluffy-pink Bunnies using your bow! A mind challenge task for everyone
Bunnies have stolen your precious prize-award carrots! This pests have come to your home and ruined your plantation!
Grab your bow and get ready to get rid of these...
myphone TS1 Duo puzzle mind Android games | 12288k
Candy Rescue Android game Candy Rescue Android
Candy Rescue is a wildly addictive match-two puzzle game!
Tap on two or more adjacent candy to make them crush, and try to scoring as many points as possible!
How to play:
1. Tap on two or more same candy to make them burst.
2. Scoring the target points to level up.
3. Do...
myphone TS1 Duo puzzle mind Android games | 4506 k
Miss Spells Class android game Miss Spells Class android
Miss Spell’s Class is an original word game that lets players test their spelling skills against the most commonly misspelled words on Players must quickly decide whether each of 20 words is spelled correctly or incorrectly, as speed and accuracy count to get to the top of the class!...
myphone TS1 Duo puzzle mind Android games | 1638k
Android Ghost Munch Android game Android Ghost Munch Android
Classic arcade gaming but set in the world of Android. The aim is to control the green Android to eat the dots and power-ups in the maze while avoiding the ghosts. Power-ups are available in the form of Android releases names (cupcakes, donuts, eclairs, and gingerbread), and enable you to eat the gh...
myphone TS1 Duo puzzle mind Android games | 300k
nail artist designs game nail artist designs
nail artist designs is a program that is suitable for any lady. Get this program if you want to enjoy the beauty of nails.
We have collected hundreds of nails program, for reference, including the 2012 Nail Gallery, the design of short nails, long nails, lovely nails, nail a half months, white ...
myphone TS1 Duo puzzle mind Android games | 5325k
Zoo Roller Girl game Zoo Roller Girl
ZOO Roller Girl - operate a ball opening pictures of girls. In the field there will be holes and you should avoid them. You are waited for by 15 levels and 15 girls, a girl to each level. At first the photo of the girl will be indistinct and you need to open it by means of a ball. Control is carried...
myphone TS1 Duo puzzle mind Android games | 12493k
World Quiz android game World Quiz android
So? You think you know all about the World???
Lets put your skills to test!
WorldQuiz tickles your Brains as it takes you through Countries, their Flags & and Monuments across the World. Enhance and test your knowledge as you tread level by level, and become a World Champ!
myphone TS1 Duo puzzle mind Android games | 2970k
Isaac Newtons Gravity game Isaac Newtons Gravity
Challenge yourself with the amazing physics puzzles in Isaac Newton’s Gravity! Arrange your objects to hit the trigger and win! Make as many attempts as you want, but cleverness and creativity are key. Need help with one of the 100 brain teasing levels? Isaac Newton himself i...
myphone TS1 Duo puzzle mind Android games | 37171k

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