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Rat Fishing game Rat Fishing
Rat Fishing - an amusing puzzle in which you will destroy the cunning rats stealing food! You should put a lot of effort to trap rodents, and your logic will be the main thing during this process. Try to think over the actions on some moves forward and to consider various factors, which can prevent ...
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Rbkube game Rbkube
RBKube in colorful execution in all possible options! Rules of the game are extremely simple: you rotate a cube in any various ways as you want, but as a result you have to collect a cube so that all identical colors settled down on one side. A very interesting puzzle, which will help you to develop...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 1434k
Reflexions game Reflexions
An excellent puzzle in which you need to turn mirrors so that they allow a spark to reflect and fly by from the beginning to the end of the level. From level to level it becomes more difficult to make it. You need to show your sharpness and dexterity not to miss a sparkle and not to lose. There are ...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 9523k
Rick Oshea game Rick Oshea
Rick O'Shea - carry out dangerous tricks together with Rick Oshi, a circus actor known for his flights from a gun! Take pleasure in circus life, achieve glory and spectator love. You should make flights together with Rick from one gun into another, avoiding obstacles, and magnets will correct the fl...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 18125k
Robbery Bob game Robbery Bob
You play as a thief who has escaped from prison with the help of some man. Now he makes you break into houses and steal valuable things, money, jewelry and many other things. You will have to quietly steal into the houses and flats, search rooms, collect certain items. The first levels will be easy ...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 11264k
Rope Rescue game Rope Rescue
Rescue birdies from cages in this remarkable puzzle! Drag a long rope through all obstacles to release your friends. You will meet various enemies, for example bats or flying knifes, fire and other obstacles. Collect butterflies for special bonuses, try to use as little rope as possible for receivin...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 11571k
Rps Combat game Rps Combat
RPS Combat - is an excellent combination of chess with a classical game "Rock Paper Scissors". The purpose of the game consists in finding a flag of the opponent. Be afraid of traps, differently you will lose the stone. Before the game choose a place where your flag and trap will be. Remember that i...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 2765k
Saving Yello game Saving Yello
Bad girl Matilda scoffs at an unfortunate goldfish. Help the poor thing to return to the aquarium. By the way, the small fish is not so simple, it thought over how it is possible to revenge to Matilda. On the way of flight, the small fish can destroy girl’s toys in different ways. The fish has a big...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 16384k
General Knowledge Trivia Quiz game General Knowledge Trivia Quiz

This application will give you the opportunity to show everything you know about politics, literature, history, sports and other topics. General Knowledge Trivia Quiz have more than 1,000 questions
Furthermore, there is added functionality where you can enter all the questions you c...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 2048k
La Prueba del Tonto game La Prueba del Tonto

?Eres un completo tonto o un genio total?
Si usted ha reflexionado sobre esta cuestión a menudo, reflexione no más - apenas pruebe La Prueba del Tonto para Android. Muy pronto estaremos contestando preguntas locas - cuidado, muchos han sido dise?ados para despertar su intelecto escondido!...
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