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One Touch Drawing game One Touch Drawing
One touch Drawing is a puzzle in which it is necessary to draw an offered figure, not taking a finger off the screen. The difficulty is that you can’t draw the same line of a figure twice, except special pieces which have to be drawn two times. Also in the game there are special pieces with the spec...
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Spider Rider game Spider Rider
A cool game which will suit even for kids. In the game there’s bright colorful graphics, cheerful music accompanying the game process. You will need to help a small spider in opposition with bats, who took away his soulmate and possession. Your task is to reduce the size of a field where those mice ...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 37990k
Marble Saga game Marble Saga
Marble Saga — is simple, but quite fascinating game in Zuma style. Your main objective is to manage to destroy all balls in the given time. Except competition over time, you need to make as many combos of destructions as possible to get the maximum quantity of points. In the game there’re 108 variou...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 26829k
Hangman for Spanish learners game Hangman for Spanish learners

The classic hangman game specially created for those learning Spanish. Includes different vocabulary categories so users can select which words they want to play with.
When showing the looked word, it is also shown the translation (using Google Translate). There is also the option t...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 1024k
Spiders game Spiders
Siders — a fascinating developing puzzle for all ages with bright animated graphics and charming heroes. In the magic wood a big family of spiders lives. Mother spider and father spider left on affairs, and children were left with their grandmother. Young spiders are such fidgets, therefore they con...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 26419k
Plumber 10k game Plumber 10k
If you are a Plumber lover, then this game is for you. The game has decent graphics and 10 thousand levels. The essence of the game is quite simple – you have to connect the tubes in the way so that the water could run from the source to the consumer. The game has hints, so you may have a glance at ...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 9011k
Egg Farm game Egg Farm
Egg Farm - is a quite amusing game, which contained in itself three puzzles. In the main menu you will have an opportunity to choose one of three options of game. In the Drawn up mode you should by sliding movements of a finger on the screen to note a chain of identical eggs, in number of three and ...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 14950k
Fluffy Birds game Fluffy Birds
The game Fluffy Birds will help to spend interestingly free time. In the game you should bring together birdies on a wire and because birdies constantly increase, and places on a wire are limited, you need to release a place for new birdies. It is possible to make it in only one way, having combined...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 5325k
Water Pipes android game Water Pipes android
The object of game is to connect water pipes from "in" pipe to "out" pipe, you must finish the work before water reached. The more pipes passed by water the more scores.
There are 7 levels in total. the flow speed become faster and faster, and there will be reservoir pipes, rocks, oneway pipes, p...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 1434k
Logo Quiz game Logo Quiz

Now with HINTS!
In this logo puzzle/logo quiz game you guess names of different companies from their logos. All of them are well-known brands that are universally recognized all around the world, some of them manufacturing cars, clothes, food, drinks, other are high-tech companies o...
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