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Elastic World game Elastic World
Elastic World – is a world of elastic objects in which you have not an easy problem, by means of elastic spots to deliver balls to the sky. Everything would seem elementary, but only at the first sight … with each level it becomes more and more difficult, and tightens you more and more strongly, try...
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Elder Sign Omens game Elder Sign Omens
A quest Elder Sign: Omens will transfer you to the world of riddles and mystical stories. In this story you will face with novel for us chaos and destruction deity. Helder's prophet predicted the terrible future, he can try to change it by means of thin manipulations and actions. But the random erro...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 1331k
Elemental game Elemental
Elemental undoubtedly will be pleasant to those fans of Sudoku, who were tired of a standard embodiment of these Japanese crossword puzzles. In this game you will need to operate not with figures, as in classical Sudoku, but 4 elements: fire, water, air and earth. Besides in the game there are also ...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 18637k
Elements game Elements
Elements is a fascinating puzzle with very beautiful graphics! It is very simple, you need to move only parts of elements on the screen, and to make a row from elements. When you pass some levels, new levels will unlock, where you should move at once in several directions and also it is necessary to...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 7066k
Train Crisis Hd game Train Crisis Hd
Train Crysis - a puzzle and a fascinating strategy, with excellent graphics and music in which a lot of things depend also on reaction speed. You are waiting for two railway era, where the goal of each level is overcoming all obstacles to lead every train to the destination point. The difficulty of ...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 26112k
Faerie Alchemy Hd game Faerie Alchemy Hd
Faerie Alchemy HD - a new alchemical puzzle.
You should create unique magic elements. You have to investigate a way of alchemical magic. You will create various magic artifacts, showing thereby your highest level of skill. There is nothing difficult in receiving a new element of magic, it is ne...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 11776k
Farm Frenzy game Farm Frenzy
The game is done in a business simulator genre. You should pass 48 levels and grow from a beginning collective farmer with about ten birds to the owner of a huge plantation equipped with spinning, bakery and other delights of civilization. You should watch your farm in real time to put grass, to fil...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 9933k
Feed Me Oil game Feed Me Oil
Feed Me Oil - a game with original drawn graphics in which it is necessary by means of sharpness and some adaptations to return oil from the pipeline back to the earth. From the first minutes of the game you fall in love with unusual registration of levels, each of which represents the unclear being...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 24371k
Toad Escape game Toad Escape
Toad Escape - A logical game is constructed on simple physics. Help a young frog to reach the planned purpose. It can cling to various objects by his tongue, use it, shaking it and moving ahead further on levels. You should solve a set of different logical tasks, show dexterity and overcome all diff...
Sony Xperia miro puzzle mind Android games | 32666k
Titanic game Titanic
In this game you should try to rewrite the history and to rescue all people who appeared in water after Titanic crash. At your order there will be special lifeboats which will need to be turned correctly, to rescue all people. Properly think before the rescue operation and don't blunder in this impo...
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