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LG Optimus Spirit P690 free android games mobile games download 2014
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Kiss Baby android game Kiss Baby android
Baby to be cry, need continue kiss the left and right cheek to comfort baby. If the kiss order is correct, will pass the level, don't wirte down the order, by your memory, come on!
When the level start, The correct order will be shown on the screen top, green lamp is left side and red lamp is r...
LG Optimus Spirit P690 leisure Android games | 6758k
Plush Toy android game Plush Toy android
Wow, sheep, rabbit, fish... There are so many cute Plush Toys in this game!
Wow, sheep, rabbit, fish...... There are so many cute Plush Toys in this game! And your task is to find these same toys and match them up. This funny memory game also helps you training memory ability. Have fun!
LG Optimus Spirit P690 sport racing Android games | 644k
Toons Summer Games 2012 game Toons Summer Games 2012
You should take part in the Olympic Games of 2012 in London. The next disciplines were submitted for the competitions: weightlifting, BMX, swimming, hammer throwing, Ping-Pong, canoe, javelin throw and other. In each sport there will be an animal, so for example a turtle will try a role of a heavy a...
LG Optimus Spirit P690 sport racing Android games | 31846k
Alchemy Genetics Android game Alchemy Genetics Android
"Alchemy with animals". Full version with 256 species! Start with just 4 animals and combine them to discover 256 cute creatures, from obvious to unlikely to bizarre combinations. Unlike the original Alchemy game, your elements are animals and "genes", and new breeds are created by adding a trait of...
LG Optimus Spirit P690 leisure Android games | 3030k
Chicken Farm android game Chicken Farm android
Chicken Farm is a so cute, cut the farmland small enough and take care of the chicken!
Chicken Farm is a challenging and fun game. Use your finger to cut the farmland and do not separate the chicken, delete the farmland till reach target percent, and you’ll advance to the next one automatically...
LG Optimus Spirit P690 leisure Android games | 3244k
Fruit Bomb game Fruit Bomb

Fruit Bomb ★★★★★ one of the most entertaining and addictive puzzle games for your Android phone!
Simply Click one fruit, all fruits of same kind nearby will be connected. More fruits you connect, more scores you will win. New tool such as "Insecticide" and "Bomb...
LG Optimus Spirit P690 leisure Android games | 2419k
Curse Breakers Horror Mansion game Curse Breakers Horror Mansion
At Allhallows Eve when an atmosphere of a cheering horror reigns in the streets a ghost, that awakened from an eternal sleep appeared in Haunted Mansion. It is for phantom to bring back the lost peace and happiness to the Haunted Mansion inhabitants. In “Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion” you are to ta...
LG Optimus Spirit P690 action adventure Android games | 23859k
3D Pool Master Pro Android game 3D Pool Master Pro Android
Best pool game! Amazing offline and online experience! Our iPhone version of 3D Pool Master now is top sports game!? Realistic 3D effects and physics? 9-Ball/ 8-Ball(15 Ball) game? Great music and sounds? Instant playback to see game session of top players? Multiple play modes: single/two players, o...
LG Optimus Spirit P690 sport racing Android games | 7462k
Princess Puzzle android game Princess Puzzle android
A princess jigsaw puzzle game.
A princess jigsaw puzzle game.
Drag the pieces to the right place in order to recreate the picture !
* Friendly user interface;
* New high score;
* Share with your friends;
* Set as your wallpaper;
* 70 lev...
LG Optimus Spirit P690 leisure Android games | 3789k
Dinosaur War game Dinosaur War
LG Optimus Spirit P690 RPG strategy Android games | 15258k

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