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Math Drills wp7 game Math Drills wp7
Test your math skills! This app is designed to sharpen your skills in basic math operations. In this current version only sums are included.
You are able to change the difficulty of the sums and see your average in seconds.

Coming soon..
- other basic operations
- top ten
Nokia 6300 puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
BeachBounceFree wp7 game BeachBounceFree wp7
Don't let the summer end; Go to the beach whenever you want in this free to play game!

Bounce your way to the top of the Online Scoreboard in this retro beach adventure. Grab powerups to boost yourself into the sky or dive under the sea. Challenge youself with our list of unlockable ch...
Nokia 6300 action adventure windows phone games wp7 | 18432k
Rotago wp7 game Rotago wp7
"Rotago" is a game of strategy in which two human players battle each other’s wits and logic. The goal of the game is to get 5 of your marbles in a row. On your turn, you can either place a marble on the board or you can rotate any one tile 90 degrees. Will you come out on top? Or will your opponent...
Nokia 6300 card board windows phone games wp7 | 10240k
PongPong wp7 game PongPong wp7
Pong Pong is an homage to the classic from the 70's

Play against a clever AI and win the game by being the first to score 1000. As you play, the speed will increase so watch out!

Pong Pong features:
- Old school gameplay
- Fresh graphics
- 4 difficulty levels
Nokia 6300 classic arcade windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
SameGamePlus wp7 game SameGamePlus wp7
The game of "Same", but with a twist. You're given cans of paint to change colors on the board. Will that be enough to let you clear the board? How far can you go?

A new take on a classic game.

v1.1 Update - Fixed tile icon and a reported problem where the game would give a bla...
Nokia 6300 puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
Shades of Gray wp7 game Shades of Gray wp7
In Shades of Gray, you have a gray grid covered in stones ranging from black to white. You try to capture stones by lightening or darkening rows or columns until cells match the shades of the stones.

In solitaire mode, you try to clear the board in the fewest possible turns.

Nokia 6300 puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
Scratch - Sink wp7 game Scratch - Sink wp7
a small prototype I made to flesh out a concept for a small casual physics game based around pool.

I'm unable to put much more work into my games, so that is why i have released them, for free. do not expect a polished product!

I made this in less than a week (started December...
Nokia 6300 sport racing windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
Permutile Solo wp7 game Permutile Solo wp7
Intelligent puzzle lovers of the world, meet Permutile – another unique puzzle concept from Beautiful Mind Games.

"The game has been designed and coded with loving care... Permutile should have a great shelf life. " –

? Swap tile...
Nokia 6300 puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 1024k
Connect Four wp7 game Connect Four wp7
Connect 4, also known as, Four in a Line is a classic two-player game in which the players take turns dropping their colored discs from the top into a 7 X 6 grid. The objective is to connect four of one's own discs of the same color next to each other vertically, horizontally, or diagonally before o...
Nokia 6300 classic arcade windows phone games wp7 | 1024k
Sky Shooter wp7 game Sky Shooter wp7
Hit monster with your bullet's bird and destroy all.
Nokia 6300 shooting fighting windows phone games wp7 | 1000k

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