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Instead android game Instead android
INSTEAD — INterpreter of Simple TExt ADventure. Using INSTEAD you can create and play games that could be classified as a mix of visual novel and text quest.
* Simple story source code (Lua-based script);
* GUI and text (readline) interfaces;
* GUI interface supports music an...
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Candy Toss android game Candy Toss android
This game is oddly satisfying... much like tossing real candies.
Here comes an exciting tossing game for candy lovers!
In Candy Toss, you own a small candy store and there are a lot of customers just itching for your candies. In order to do it quick, you decide to toss the candies directly...
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Traffic Time Android game Traffic Time Android
Rush hour is coming. Rising road traffic intensity. Your task is to adopt chicken in the limited time across the road safety. Real simple rules of the game: click screen guiding the hen cross rarely chicken road. Can you handle it?
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Angry Mama game Angry Mama
puzzle mind Android games | 3482k
Tank Hero Android game Tank Hero Android
Fast paced 3D tank action on your Android phone. Take out your enemies with cannons, heat seekers, and howitzers. Battle against cunning enemies and become the Tank Hero!FEATURES:* OpenGL 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and real-time shadows* 120 levels spanning three unique environments* Campaign...
action adventure Android games | 12347k
Crazy Dart Shooter Android game Crazy Dart Shooter Android
Crazy Dart Shooter challenges you to test your dart skills to the fullest. Use our fun board to really target and see what skills you got. Crazy dart shooter is a physics oriented game that requires you to look at your aim and wind direction.All you have to do is swipe your finger to aim and shoot t...
shooting fighting Android games | 5934k
Gem Laser Lite Android game Gem Laser Lite Android
Gem Laser is an unique puzzle game where you'll test your brain. Make the laser go along all the gems over the board at the same time.
Full version has load of levels.
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Dead Rider Lite Android game Dead Rider Lite Android
Get motobike and ride through crazy tracks. Great physics, interesting levels, rating, achivements.
Be fastest rider among your friends and whole world. Unlock achivements with OpenFeint.
Choose controls that you want: screen buttons, accelerometer, joystick or hardware keyboard
Try ...
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Mole Miner Android game Mole Miner Android
Over 100,000 installs! An addictive retro arcade puzzle game with 34 built-in levels, community levels and a
level designer.
Collect the emeralds then find the exit, but look out for rocks, balloons, monsters, ice blocks, exploding
tonic water, Nicholas Parsons and more. First 100 pla...
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Backgammon Deluxe android game Backgammon Deluxe android
Backgammon Deluxe is the best free Backgammon app available for Android devices.
Backgammon Deluxe is the best free Backgammon app available for all Android devices.
Playing on the history of the game, there are 4 visually pleasing, rich board designs; Soldiers, Witch, Cowboy and Classic.<...
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