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Mr Wiener Android game Mr Wiener Android
You are a chieftain of a small village during the Shang period in China (1600 BC), you can develop your village into a mighty empire. Features:
* Classic Simcity/ Civilization style
* Fwith NPC and other players
* Offline development
* Huge world map
* Great gears and items<...
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Sheep Launcher Freee android game Sheep Launcher Freee android
Sheep Launcher, the #1 game in 25 countries is finally available on Android!
Sheep Launcher, one of the most addictive #1 game on iTunes is finally available on Android!
Push the big red button to launch the sheep. Keep tapping him as fast as you can while he’s in the air to boost him high...
leisure Android games | 9728k
BattleTanks android game BattleTanks android
Drive your battle tank through hordes of enemies!
A top-down tank combat game. Drive your tank through hordes of enemies, explosive barrels, and other hazards. Bounce shots off the walls to hit enemies. Use guided missiles to shoot around corners. Pick up the railgun upgrade and bring hypersoni...
action adventure Android games | 551k
Bowling Game android game Bowling Game android
Bowling Game
Deep in the forest,animals are having a sports meeting,and the most challenging one is the 10-pin bowling.Who will be the winner?And who will be the king of bowling?There you have the chance,give it a go now!Tikis also come to join the sports meeting,don't let them stop you from ge...
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Cyber Defense Android game Cyber Defense Android
The game is set in the computer, background in computer integrated circuit board, and various tower have been replaced computer hardware. By building different kinds of protective measures to prevent Trojan horses, worms of computer virus intrusion CPU. Picture is not very flowery, relatively simple...
puzzle mind Android games | 869k
Gravity Gambit Android game Gravity Gambit Android
Slingshot your escape from the Black Hole's deadly grasp. Use gravity to help Floorp, while avoiding the dangers of space. Don't let down your Guard! The space around you is constantly being dragged towards its demise from the black hole below. Hazards in Gravit Gambit: ** Pulsars ** Spacemines ** E...
RPG strategy Android games | 9120k
Blastaball game Blastaball
puzzle mind Android games | 15053k
Ganesh Challange game Ganesh Challange
Beat the challenge of Ganesha, test your memory, just remember the placement of lord ganesha and guess the right position. Sharp your memory with 3 different power levels.
puzzle mind Android games | 551k
Maidens Avatar Creator Lite android game Maidens Avatar Creator Lite android
Create a dream or dark maiden avatar with over 200+ items and accessories. Dress up the character as you or your friends or as someone else. This is very easy to play for kids up to adult. This is an open game where you can be very creative with many layers and items. You can also save to your phone...
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Zomnomnom game Zomnomnom
ZomNomNom. In the game you will fight with zombies! After scientists have made an unsuccessful experiment on people, everything went out of control and people began turning into monsters and devour every living thing! You will play as a laboratory assistant, who decided to improve the situation. The...
shooting fighting Android games | 21094k

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