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Crazy Bike Racing Moto game Crazy Bike Racing Moto

Crazy Bike Racing Moto
Master the skills of biking! Go off-roading and race your dirt bike on a bumpy mountain slopes. Stay focus as it can get out of control real quick. Ready to claim your Bike Master title?
Up Arrow Key - To move forward.
Down Arrow Key - To ...
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F18 Carrier Landing game F18 Carrier Landing
An absorbing game F18 Carrier Landing in which you are to fly a real fighter! Realistic control and good physics will let you fully estimate all the the complexities encountered by pilots.
The game includes 6 various missions, beginning from the most simple (ferrying the aircraft from one base t...
RPG strategy Android games | 21811k
Lavaball game Lavaball
Lavaball. Once upon a time people used to worship a Pee Pee volcano. But with the lapse of time they become lazy and stopped making sacrifices. It’s up to you to punish them. Control fire balls darting out from the crater of volcano, fry people and burn their homes.

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Tinboy Joyride game Tinboy Joyride
Tinboy Joyride tells a story of a little robot, which was created for doing house chores and did it well. It was able to clean the house, wash and do gardening. But the game is not about that, but about the robots escape from a factory in order to travel around the world. Despite the fact that it is...
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Mad World android game Mad World android
MAD World contains 10 brilliant episodes with 205 different levels.
MAD World is a classic arcade game features challenging physics-based gameplay. More than 200 levels require skill, logic to save engaging characters.

The aliens from Candy Planet are taking their UFO to c...
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Pigs in Trees android game Pigs in Trees android
Pigs in planes plucks pesky peckers with powerful package Get Pigs in Trees now!
Protect your tree from an army of pesky peckers!
"The hardest thing about reviewing Pigs in Trees is deciding which part to praise first, because there's just so many things I like about it." - Touch...
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Ah Up Android game Ah Up Android
This is a very interesting sonic game, as long as you have enough lung capacity, so although release your horse and come.Note:In the play the game for a glass of water before pleaseVoice control increase induced control force.Very addictive and very interesting.Shout loudly "..." And then ...
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Leave Devil Alone HD Android game Leave Devil Alone HD Android
one,Desire,X10,MS,XT800,Droid,EVO,more WVGA(480*800;480*854) device2.0 Version :add new survival modeadd choose level in story modeOnce upon a time,in the kingdom ORZ, humans and demons were lived together in peace. One day, a new king’s hunting exploits angered the underground demons triggering the...
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Hitting Ball android game Hitting Ball android
Bouncing a ball and destroy all the blocks!
"Hitting Ball" is a kind of "Breakout" game which is bouncing a ball and destroying bricks.
A ball travels across the screen, bouncing off the top and side blocks. When a block is hit, the ball bounces away and the block is destroyed. The player ...
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Candy Toss android game Candy Toss android
This game is oddly satisfying... much like tossing real candies.
Here comes an exciting tossing game for candy lovers!
In Candy Toss, you own a small candy store and there are a lot of customers just itching for your candies. In order to do it quick, you decide to toss the candies directly...
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