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Magic 8-ball wp7 game Magic 8-ball wp7
Make a yes-no question to the magic 8-ball and it will help you decide!
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Unscrambler wp7 game Unscrambler wp7
Unscrambler is a game/tool combo, which is fun, helpful, and even educational. It is also exclusive to Windows Phone!

Play timed games that involve creating as many words as possible from either a list of letters or a matrix of letters. Or if you are in need of a hand in a w...
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BubbleBreaker wp7 game BubbleBreaker wp7
BubbleBreaker is all about using beautiful LEDs. Just select two or more adjoining LEDs of the same color and explode them. The more LEDs you blow, the more you score.
puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
Hanoi wp7 game Hanoi wp7
Hanoi is the classic logic puzzle game where all of the disks must be moved from left stack to the right. The requirements are that only one disk may be moved at a time and the smaller disks must be placed on top of the larger disks.

- Time tracking
- Record times for each level
puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
Paper Dash wp7 game Paper Dash wp7
This just in... Paper Dash has finally hit the stands! Roam the streets delivering papers as you try and pay off damages to a car that you... well... you'll see...

Collect soda cans and bottles to make some extra cash on the side, and don't forget to visit the item shop to spe...
action adventure windows phone games wp7 | 9216k
Celebrity Pairs wp7 game Celebrity Pairs wp7
Celebrity Pairs gives the classic 'Pairs' card game a celebrity twist. The app allows the user to select 3 difficulty levels which give the user less or more time as appropriate. The main aim of the game is to find all the pairs before time runs out.
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Art of Words 2 FREE wp7 game Art of Words 2 FREE wp7
Art of words features two challenging game modes.

First, there is Scrambled Words, where a bunch of letters are assigned to you and you must make as much words as possible in the time alotted.

The second game is Letter Slider. While the letters are passing by, you must try and ...
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Fillr Winter Edition game Fillr Winter Edition
leisure S60 5th games Symbian^3 games | 7280k
Vesoljski Viharnik wp7 game Vesoljski Viharnik wp7
Space Viharnik is game in which we fly the ship through the galaxy. The objective is to avoid and destroy the greatest possible number of meteorites. This entertaining game is suitable for users of all ages.

Vesoljski Viharnik je igra zabavne narave pri kater...
sport racing windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
Big Bang Balls wp7 game Big Bang Balls wp7
Big Bang Balls is the remake of classical puzzle game "Lines". Start the game on a 8x9 board containing balls of different colours. You can move one ball per turn and afretwards three new balls are added on the board. The goal is to remove balls by forming lines of at least four balls of the same co...
puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 1000k

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