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Block Logic Lite wp7 game Block Logic Lite wp7
Challenging yourself to fit all pieces on the board...

Moving all pieces onto the board.

1. Drag and drop a piece to move it.
2. Double click on a piece outside the board to rotate it.
3. Double click on a piece inside the board to rem...
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Hangman Free wp7 game Hangman Free wp7
Hangman is a word guessing game where the word to guess is represented by a row of dashes, giving the number of letters. You can choose from 8 different word categories containing more than 40,000 words in total. Difficulty level can be selected from 4 different levels giving you 10, 8, 6 or 4 tries...
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QuadriMania wp7 game QuadriMania wp7
Welcome to the world of QuadriMania a puzzle game based off of the classic block game everyone loves!!

You get all unlimited levels!

Play along with awesome stereo quality music to get you going!

Fun and challenging for all ages!

Randomly generated game p...
puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 30720k
AlphaMatch wp7 game AlphaMatch wp7
A classic, concentration-type memory game. The goal is simple: flip cards to find matches as quickly as you can. Three different games let you choose simple picture matching, matching upper and lower case alphabet letters, or matching initial sounds (A matches apple, B matches ball, etc.). Choose a ...
puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 1024k
Real Connect 4 wp7 game Real Connect 4 wp7
The classic connect 4 game played like the real thing. The game uses a physics engine for realistic gameplay. Play versus a friend or the phone. The phone has 8 different levels. Enjoy!

New in version 1.1:
- Fixed bug that made the chip get stuck on top of the board
- Easier to ...
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Counting Cards wp7 game Counting Cards wp7
This application is designed to help you practice counting cards. There are three screens for counting.

One screen shows you a single card at a time at the timing interval you select. When you pause the screen, you will see the current count.

One screen allows you to custom...
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Smash It wp7 game Smash It wp7
This application is all about checking your reflexes, you can smash your screen by just tapping on the red area, every tap within the area is counted as a hit else a miss... get maximum hits to beat the highscore.
shooting fighting windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
Puzzler wp7 game Puzzler wp7
Puzzler is a numbers crossword with a twist that is sure to strain your brain... You have to complete all puzzles in one move!
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Hermit Trial for bada 480x800 game Hermit Trial for bada 480x800
Hermit Trial is a free version of the Hermit game. Trial version has 6 fully playable game levels. Hermit game is a remake of Peg Solitaire game = one player board game.
Game objective is to remove all black pawns from board except the last one by capturing - like in checkers. Couple levels has...
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Top Secret 128x128 game Top Secret 128x128
puzzle mind Java 128x128 games | 56k

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