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Archibalds Adventures game Archibalds Adventures
This is one of the most fun games for windows mobile I ever played.
Install the .CAB file and go to program files/Archibald's Adventures. Here you will find a text file with the serial key.
Have fun playing!
puzzle mind | 13044k
Rock paper scissors wp7 game Rock paper scissors wp7
Classic game rock paper scissors! Reaaalllyyyy addictive as you cannot win over 5 times in a row(at least I didn't).Enjoy :)
action adventure windows phone games wp7 | 1024k
Gold Spot for samsung bada phone game Gold Spot for samsung bada phone
GoldSpot is a game in which we need to find the Gold which is hidden under the cells. You need to guess and point the cell. The distance you are apart from the Gold is displayed. The total distance of each guess is calculated and is displayed to the player on completing the game. This score should b...
puzzle mind Bada games | 1864k
SOE wp7 game SOE wp7
SOE (System of Equations) is a new challenge in puzzles. Take Sudoku to the next level. You have a 4 x 4 grid. Each column has to add up to a given number, and each row has to add up to a given number. Between each number is either addition or subtraction symbol, indicating which operation must be p...
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15 Puzzle wp7 game 15 Puzzle wp7
Enjoy good old simple 15 puzzle. Unlike many other alternatives, generated puzzles are 100% solvable.

No advertisements, absolutely free.
action adventure windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
MemoryGram wp7 game MemoryGram wp7
Discover interesting Instagram photos while playing this challenging memory game. Pictures come from the Instagram popular section, so every game is new and unexpected!

Tap and hold an image to see a closer view. You can even save images to your phone.

**added a mode to just ...
puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
Finger Twister wp7 game Finger Twister wp7
It's time to warm up your fingers! Remember the popular game Twister? Here you have to put your fingers in specified areas and be aware not to raise more than one finger during change. You have 3 seconds for every move, if you move finger quickly, you get more points.

- Added instructions...
puzzle mind windows phone games wp7 | 1000k
Atom wp7 game Atom wp7
Atom is a quick and simple free game where you navigate your ball by tilting your phone. The goal is to compete the level as fast as you can to rank highest on the scoreboards. Certain levels feature challenging obstacles to face, such as moving platforms, gravity wells that will suck you in, and el...
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SearchIt wp7 game SearchIt wp7
Are you searching for an extrem challenge for your eyes?
In this game you only have to find the differences between two pictures, but the difficulty is very hard...
and you have to finish four pictures in a row - without a break!
If you give up early it will not be the right game for ...
classic arcade windows phone games wp7 | 6144k
FractPair1 for bada game FractPair1 for bada
Click on pair of fractions whose sum is 1,and do it as fast you can! If u click on wrong pair you lose one chance, you have only three chance. it is helpful for learn the math’s fractions of two numbers, its specially for children and also youth .
puzzle mind Bada games | 267k

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