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How to transfer photos, ringtones, games to your cell phone

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  • you need a bridge from your PC to your phone: usb datacable, Irda or bluetooth dongle, memory card reader.
  • you will need software transfer the files from your PC to your phone. IRda, and BT only needs the software that comes with the dongle.
  • download the files and send to your phone using above methods

Here are 3 ways to transfer photos or ringtones from your PC to your cell phone:

  1. USB Data Cable
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Email

USB Data Cable

You can transfer as many photos or ring tones as you like to your cell phone for free using a USB Data Cable, but you'll need mobile phone pc management software like Nokia PC SuiteMotorola Phone ToolsBitPim (CDMA phone data management free software)  that will recognize your phone and handle the file transfer.

Just run the software, plug one end of the cable into your phone and the other end into the usb port on your computer. You'll see a list of the existing photos, ring tones, or videos on your cell phone.

Choose the folder on your PC that contains the files you want to move, select the files (or folders) and transfer them over to your cell phone. You can also use these software to transfer photos or ringtones from your cell phone to your computer.

Bluetooth Connection

You can transfer videos and photos from your computer to your cell phone using Bluetooth, which is built into most new computer systems.

If your computer is like mine and doesn't have Bluetooth built-in, you can get a Bluetooth adapter from the CellPhoneShop.

This is the same adapter that I bought from the CellPhoneShop and it arrived within a few days. It works exactly as advertised, and comes with quite a few "extras" that I wasn't expecting, such as a built-in ringtone editor and an Outlook contact manager that lets me sync my phone contacts with my Outlook contacts. I've been very happy with it.

Bluetooth has a 30-foot range, so you don't even need to have the phone right by you to be able to transfer files to it. In fact, you can keep your phone in your briefcase or backpack and still have no problems connecting to your laptop with Bluetooth.

Most phones ship with Bluetooth disabled to save on battery life, so you'll first need to enable Bluetooth on your phone. The steps below are for a Motorola Razr phone, so you may need to refer to your user's manual if you have a different phone (the steps should be very similar though).

Open the phone and select the following menu options:

Menu --> Settings --> Connection --> Bluetooth Link --> Setup --> Power

Change the Power setting to "On". This will enable Bluetooth on your phone. (The center button on the top of the button pad is the Menu button).

Ringtone Media Studio 2 is another program I use, that makes it super easy to transfer ring tones to your cell phone using Bluetooth. Just select the ring tone music files of your choice, and click the arrow to move them over to your phone.

The other thing I love about Ringtone Media Studio is how easy it is to make ring tones. You just click on the song and drag the mouse pointer to choose how long you want the song to play, and the program automatically converts it to the right format for your phone.

Both the USB Data Cable and Bluetooth options let you transfer photos and ringtones as many times as you want without any carrier transfer fees.


You can send your phone an email with the photo or ring tone as a file attachment. For AT&T/Cingular customers the email address is For example, if your cell phone number is 691-548-1294 then you'd send an email to and it would arrive as a text message on your cell phone.

For t-mobile users, send email to with your picture as an attachment, and it'll be sent to your phone. So if your phone number is 970-549-8127 you would send an email to (without the dashes in the number part).

Once you receive the text message on your cell phone, you can view the photo or ring tone and save it as your wallpaper or in your phone's audio library. On the Motorola Razr, when you view the picture you can select the "Set as Wallpaper" menu option.

The downside to this approach is that it costs money to read text messages - as much as a penny a kilobyte. This might not sound like much, but when you consider that most pictures are about 75kb that adds up to about 75 cents for each photo that you send.

Of course cell phone companies want you to transfer photos from your cell phone using email, because that way they can charge your for the data transfer (and that's probably why they don't provide software to transfer it using bluetooth or a usb data cable).

Sending photos or ring tones to your cell phone via email can quickly raise your cell phone bill! However, you can transfer pictures, video, and ringtones directly without recurring carrier service fees using a Bluetooth connection or a USB data cable.

Here's how you email a photo:

  1. View the picture on your phone (Menu --> Multimedia --> Pictures).  
  2. Press Menu and then choose the "Send in Message" option.
  3. Select [One Time Entry].
  4. Use the # key to change to text entry (we want to enter an email address in the phone number field.
  5. Enter your email address.

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i wan to transfer my videos and pictures to mi pc, but obviously their size is to big to send them by e-mail, and my pc doesn't have bluetooth, i have the usb cable but when i connect it to my pc it gets on charge mode ??, i installed the drive that came with my cable, i bought it on ebay, it appears to be connected on manager device, but not on my removable devices, i you can help, and have some time to e-mail me, i'll appreciate it so much, thanks Rosa
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