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Pet Hotel Free free game

Genre: classic arcade game
Info: apk|682k
Download ID: 555493
Pet Hotel Free  game
Tags: Pet Hotel Free , Android games
"Do you love animals? Then come & build for FREE your very own amazing Pet Hotel!
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Come and build your very own amazing Pet Hotel for hundreds of cute animals and pets for FREE! Build an amazing hotel with entertainment rooms like a Pet Spa Center, Pet Flower Shop, Animal Gift Shop, Pet Chocolate Studio, Pet Vet Clinic, Disco and a Pub for them.
Collect all the cutest pets on earth and take care about them: Feed, breed, grow and play every day with hundreds of unique, pretty little pets like dogs, teddy bears, dinos, kittens, cats, monkeys, pigs, puppies, hamsters, bunnies and very much animals more!
Breed and raise beautiful BABY PETS and look them GROWING! But don’t forget to feed and entertain them!
What PET do you get when you BREED?
Cat + Yard Dog = ?
Brown Bear + Capuchin Monkey = ?
Redcap Chicken + Azure Butterfly = ?
Brown Bear + African Elephant = ?
Try it out!"

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