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Brain Up WM PPC free game

Genre: puzzle mind game
Info: cab|560k
Download ID: 523249
Brain Up WM PPC game
Tags: Brain Up WM PPC, Windows mobile PPC games
Feeling hazy and slow? Play Brain Up to train, strain, sharpen, and tickle your brain.

Grey matter matters! Become the sharpest knife in the drawer with a gauntlet of challenges. Memory, visual, math, and word games work your brain in four different ways.

Leading you along this evolutionary journey is Cortex, the game-loving alien with synapses of silicon. You start off as a lowly amoeba, working your way through challenges to gain an evolutionary advantage. Evolve and excel at the minigames to unlock harder challenges. Only a Brain Up master can evolve beyond human, into one of Cortex's brainy brethren: a Synapperon

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