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Wayfinder Active free app Java J2ME apps download

Download Wayfinder Active Java J2ME apps software app to your mobile for free, last updated: 08-12-16
Title: Wayfinder Active
Category: travel navigation Software apps
Info: jar | 356k
From: S1CK
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Wayfinder Active software appps
Ver v1.52, for j2me

Wayfinder Active is a free GPS service for mobile phones with a unique combination of maps, GPS recording and statistics, all designed for active people. With this service on your mobile, you get access to a world wide map and terrain maps for selected countries.

You record your route or training trail with just a click. Afterwards an e-mail is sent to you with the statistics and a map displaying your route. Moreover your activity is uploaded to the community. Keeping track of your outdoor activities, physical progress and goals has never been easier, or safer!

The service is connected to mobile internet when you have coverage. If needed, for example when hiking on the mountain, you can preload the route on the phone memory. In other words ? the application will always work!

Here are some key features of "Wayfinder Active (Java)":

· Detailed statistics: Maximum, current and average speed. Distance, calories burned, altitude info and much more.
· Download routes and tracks from directly to your mobile application. If you find an interesting route on the community, just download it to your mobile and get going!
· Planning: You can plan your own routes on or with Wayfinder Active and download them to your mobile phone before starting your outdoor activity.
· Compass: Find your way...
· Reverse route: Are you lost and want to get home fast? Just click ?Reverse route? and go back the way you came.
· Search for closest routes: Looking for a running track or a mountain bike trail? Just search your surroundings, make a choice and you?re on your way!

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