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Download Safe Period Calculator windows phone apps wp7 software app to your mobile for free, last updated: 26-06-16
Title: Safe Period Calculator
Category: productivity Software apps
Info: xap | 256k
Developer: SeanZ
From: windowsphone
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Safe Period Calculator software appps
Version 1.0

This freeware shows you the time period for which you can have sex without getting pregnant. Our calculation only requires you to enter the latest menstruation, menstrual cycle and its duration. The results are based on the fact that, ovulation day is usually 14 days before the next menstrual cycle. Five days before and four days after the ovulation day are the ovulation period, which is also the unsafe period, where women are most likely to get pregnant. The rest of the days, excluding the menstrual period, will be a safe period. Safe periods however are not impeccable, as there are many factors that may affect the occurrences of menstruation, such as emotion, health condition, and even temperature. Other contraception methods should also be considered before having sex.

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