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Download TeaShark Java J2ME apps software app to your mobile for free, last updated: 01-02-15
Title: TeaShark
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TeaShark software appps
Ver v4.19, for Java J2ME 240x320

TeaShark gives you full web browsing on your mobile phone with superb usability and performance.

Full Web for your mobile phone
TeaShark renders web pages the same way as desktop browsers.
It's no more mobile web with hardly any content. Your favourite sites are the same on your phone and the desktop.

Navigate intuitively
There's an intelligent mouse for easy navigation.

the cursor jumps to the next link to click, saving you the trouble
navigate as fast or slow as you need with page up and down, left and right
jump to content: the display snaps to the text you're reading.
Lean, high quality
Within TeaShark, all unnecessary information in a web page is discarded and the page is compressed to a fraction of its original size, sent at lightening speed.
Images are processed to give good visual quality on a phone display, optimized for mobile delivery.

Less data means less network traffic, quicker loading and a smaller number in your data bill.

Slide to your history instantly
Pages you've visited are not gone - they are still on your phone. You can easily slide back and forth in your browsing history.
Depending on how much memory your phone has, TeaShark can remember up to 10 pages.

Rotate to landscape
Go sideways for a more natural feel. Press "0" and TeaShark will rotate itself 90 degrees to landscape mode.

Press 5 and view your page from a distance, a zoomed-out page with a mangifier showing you where you are.
Scroll in zoomed-out mode to navigate quickly, and press 5 again to zoom into exactly where you want to be.



Smart address entry
Entering web addresses in a mobile phone has been painful. With TeaShark's address entry it's predicted for you, finding the page as easily as possible.
The engine remembers common patterns - popular sites, URLs - and the addresses you have visited*, incrementally filling the adress bar as you type.

* Address history is stored only on the phone and can be cleared in the preferences (privacy).
Find text
TeaShark allows you to search for any text on the page, and immediately jumps to the match it finds.
It's like Firefox's incremental keyword searching, on your phone.


Click and search
Press 1, select your search engine from the list. Mark the words and "Search". Done.
Send the text around the cursor to your favourite search engine in only a couple of clicks.

And when you're done, just press "Back" to get back to that article.

Take your bookmarks with you
You have dozens of feeds and bookmarks in your PC browser, and you want them on your mobile. TeaShark allows you to migrate your desktop bookmarks to your phone, and back again.
Import from or manage from your desktop, synchronize with TeaShark.

A powerful RSS reader
Read your feeds through TeaShark. TeaShark can tell you when it finds a feeds to subscribe to, a dedicated RSS view will let you read your subscribed and discovered channels.

Manage your feeds through the TeaShark web interface, and synchronize them with your phone.

Ad blocking
TeaShark server blocks most ads banners and graphics, making sure they never arrive to your phone. Get your content compact and clean.
A secure connection
Communication between the TeaShark client and server is encrypted by an 128-bit encryption algorithm. (privacy)

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