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Title: Image Video Hider android
Category: media Software apps
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Developer: Java Monkey
From: android
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Image Video Hider android software appps
Ver 1.0.2, for Android OS 2.1 and up

Do you have media (images / videos) on your phone that you don't want others to see? Want to password protect them? Then ‘Image / Video Hider’ is the answer!
Over 35,000 media items a day being secured!!!
*** Fixed unlocking and deleting items bug
Use the visually impressive 3D gallery to select videos / images and add them to your safe
Then log into your safe with a password to view the media (images and videos are played WITHIN the app)
Without the password you cannot view the media
The name of the application will be ‘3D Gallery’ once you have downloaded it from the market so it doesn’t standout if someone is browsing your apps on your phone

Click and hold on an album or image / video
Tap other media items to also add them to the safe, you will see a checkbox with a green tick once selected
Select More from the bottom right hand corner and select Lock
To view your safe select the Menu button and click on ‘View Safe’

Other features:
* Hide pictures
* Hide videos
* User friendly interface
* Share media
* Rotate and zoom features
* Multi select feature for hiding and sharing
* Slideshow feature
* Cropping
* Set as wallpaper
This is a BETA release, many more features coming soon
For any queries / problems email us at
Keywords: Media security, protect images and video, hide media, private image and video, secret, hider, personal, lock
**** This is only relevant if you’re upgrading to version 0.8.3
When you upgrade the application and go into your safe and long hold a media item you will see Delete and Unlock
From the latest version (0.8.3) when you unlock the media items they will go back to the original destination.
As you guys are using the original 0.8.2 version which didn’t support unlocking any media items locked can still be unlocked in latest version but will go into the media directory on the SD card. You can move them later using any Gallery / Image app you wish or this one

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7/31/2012 1:19:54 PM ashir1149
For multiple items in the safe, unlock becomes time consuming!!!! is there any procedure to overcome such situation!!
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