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Simple Spreadsheet free ads android free app android apps download

Download Simple Spreadsheet free ads android android apps software app to your mobile for free, last updated: 11-07-16
Title: Simple Spreadsheet free ads android
Category: productivity Software apps
Info: apk | 302k
Developer: Tomahawk
From: android
Download ID: 6 25935
Simple Spreadsheet free ads android software appps
Ver 0.9.36b-Free, for android 1.6 and up

If upgrading, please uninstall and reinstall or the setting will no longer work. This is related to the removal of the licence code.
A simple spreadsheet application that boasts:
- complex formulas (as many brackets are you need)
- text style/size/colour, background colours, and borders applicable at the cell/row/column/sheet level
- insert/delete rows and columns
- adjustable column width/row height, including autowidth
- formula highlighting when editing to show referenced cells and ranges
- import and export CSV files
- freeze first row and/or column
- copy/paste cells and ranges
- built in keypad for quick data entry (press the K button for the full keyboard)
- complete backups of all files (nothing is truly overwritten)
plus much much more.
There is extensive documentation in the 'About' screen in the application.
If you like this app and would like to support and encourage the developer to keep improving it and adding new features (and to fix the few remaining bugs), please consider purchasing the no-ads key for the low price of €1.45. It's not much, but is enough to help this struggling (out of work!) developer to scrape by.
Please note that this spreadsheet is _NOT_ directly Excel compatible. However, you can import CSV files from Excel, or save CSV files to load into Excel. Or OpenOffice. Or GoogleDocs. Or whatever other SpreadSheet application you normally use.

If you have any issues or find any bugs, please contact me at the email address listed against the app in the Market. I don't always get to read comments (nor can I reply individually to comments), so email is the best way to make me aware of these things.
Note: there have been reports of some issues with SwiftKey - please report such issues to the SwiftKey people. There appear to be no issues with any other keyboard

Also, am considering adding something annoying to future versions to encourage people to purchase the no-ads key. Any suggestions? I don't like the idea of crippleware - having to buy the app to unlock some features. But it's a consideration...
Finally, would like to translate this into multiple languages, so any volunteers please contact me. Might give Google Translate a go initially for a few languages...

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