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Title: Meterberry
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From: boy1980
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Meterberry software appps
Ver 2.5, for BlackBerry

Color-coded, Customizable Banner Indicator

This feature has been requested for literally as long as I can remember, and now it's here. Instead of having to exit out to the home screen and look at the MeterBerry icon to view your battery, memory, etc. info, now you can see that same info without interrupting what you're doing on your phone - reading emails, browsing, etc. - because that same info can now be displayed in the banner area.

Choose between battery level, device temperature, or free application memory. The colors of the icons will change just like MeterBerry's main home screen icon. And just like the main home screen icon, the thresholds at which the colors change can be adjusted to your liking in MeterBerry's options.
Estimated Battery Time Remaining

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